The best-kept secret beaches of Asturias

The Asturian coast is one of the best known in Spain. For this reason, every long weekend or summer it is one of the favourite destinations for tourists. Although it is great to enjoy its large sandy beaches in Llanes, Ribadesella or Gijón, sometimes you prefer more secluded spots. That is why we bring you these eleven hidden beaches in Asturias.

Sandy, pebbly, with caves, difficult or easy to access…. The options are very varied and perfect for staying calm and thoughtful in front of the sea. Not surprisingly, as the Asturian coast has many hidden nooks and crannies among its steep cliffs. In any case, let’s not waste any more time and let’s take a look at these eleven hidden beaches in Asturias… Let’s hope they don’t cease to be so!

Campiecho Beach, Cadavedo

Playa de Campiecho

Campiecho beach. | Depositphotos

We begin our list of hidden beaches in Asturias in the west, specifically in Cadavedo. Campiecho Beach is one of the town’s main attractions, along with its stupendous main beach and the impressive La Regalina hermitage. It stands out for its rock formations, which can be enjoyed without the overload of visitors that the Playa de las Catedrales suffers from. It is also ideal for fishing.

La Canalina Beach, Hontoria

Playas secretas de Asturias Playa de la Canalina

La Canalina beach. | Flickr Guillén Pérez

Now it is time to go to the opposite end of the Principality. In the parish of Hontoria, Llanes, the beach of La Canalina awaits. Together with La Huelga, it forms a remarkably beautiful tandem. At high tide it disappears and the last stretch to reach it must be done on foot. Thanks to this, it is most likely that you will not see anyone while you enjoy the play of light between the water, the vegetation and the slopes that surround it.

Gueirúa Beach, Santa Marina

Playa de Gueirúa

Gueirúa beach. | Depositphotos

The area between Cudillero and Cadavedo is home to more than one of the hidden beaches of Asturias. In this case, the best thing about Gueirúa is its rock formations. For this reason you should forget about going barefoot and protect your feet well. An unspoilt area, the islets and rocky outcrops give it an appearance worthy of Lovecraft’s imagination. This makes it a very favourable place for fishing.

San Pedro de Antromero Beach

Playa de San Pedro de Antromero

San Pedro de Antromero beach. | Turismo de Asturias

Combining sand and curious rock formations, San Pedro de Antromero Beach is located in the centre of Asturias. It allows you to enjoy Cape Peñas, between Gijón and Avilés. Together with Arnao, it is the easiest to access on the list. Spacious, with services and very suitable for bathing, it is a good alternative to go with children.

El Cobijeru Beach, Buelna

Playa del Cobijeru

El Cobijeru beach. | Roberto Lumbreras

Also in Llanes, although this time in the town of Buelna, El Cobijeru is one of the smallest hidden beaches in Asturias. It shares similarities with the much more crowded Gulpiyuri. The reason why it is less crowded is that to reach it you have to go cross-country. It is located a hundred metres from the sea and is fed by underground channels. It is very shallow and next to it there is a blowholes and a cavity of the same name, in front of which the Northern Way runs.

El Canal Beach, Villanueva de Pría

Playa del Canal

El Canal beach. | Turismo de Asturias

Even smaller than the previous one, once again a narrow channel is the main feature of this tiny sandy area. Once you have taken the necessary walk to step into it, you can bathe in it. However, you have to be very careful. The narrow passage protects the first few metres from the swell, but it also contributes to strong currents. In any case, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias.

El Silencio Beach, Castañeras

Playa del Silencio

El Silencio beach. | Flickr

Perhaps the least secret of these hidden beaches in Asturias. Located in the aforementioned area of the ballotas, El Silencio Beach is spectacular. Surrounded by a tremendous cliff, its access is via a very steep stairway. It is well worth it, even if you then have to climb them again. Its name comes from the lack of sound that the isolation of the place provides. On the other hand, it is a stone’s throw from the famous Cudillero.

Cala Saliencia, Novellana

Cala Salencia en Novellana

Cala Salencia in Novellana. | Turismo de Asturias

Beaches with boulders, or large rounded stones, are very common in Asturias. Cala Salencia in Novellana, in the council of Cudillero, is one of the most beautiful. The fact that you have to walk a while to get there prevents it from becoming overcrowded. Neighbouring El Silencio Beach, its main advantage is that it is pet-friendly. If you have no one to leave your dog with, this is your best option.

Arnao Beach

Arnao beach. | Depositphotos

This wide sandy beach is the most westerly of the Asturian coast. Despite being more and more frequented, it still deserves to be on our list of hidden beaches in Asturias. A beautiful setting next to the mouth of the Eo. An added advantage, as it allows you to get close to the charming Ribadeo.

El Moro Beach, Navia

Playa del Moro

El Moro beach. | Turismo de Navia

This is the continuation of the main beach in the town, access to which depends on the height of the tide. This natural isolation has meant that the few people who come here tend to practise naturism. However, it is also an excellent place for fishing, whether from the sand, the rocks or underwater. A great addition to the lively Navia.

Tourán Beach, San Martín

Playa de Taurán

Tourán beach. | Turismo de Asturias

In the vicinity of Luarca, in the town of San Martín, awaits the last of our hidden beaches in Asturias. Nestled at the end of a small tongue of sea into which the Olla stream flows, an islet guards the exit to open water. It is a magnificent setting next to a campsite. If you have a waterproof tent, it can be a great option for a getaway.

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