MisSIOn AND valUEs


Give value to “what is ours”. Spain, its corners, the rural world, the history and the people of Spain. Fascinating Spain wants to help spread all the heritage, tangible and intangible, that we have in Spain, a unique heritage in the world.

Innovation over tradition

Fascinating Spain is an online initiative, with websites, media groups, a large portfolio of social media and a 100% digital focus. Our vision, however, is directed towards the traditions, cultural heritage and history of Spain.

The Internet is the tool to share, communicate and learn from all the knowledge and heritage we have in our country


Fascinating Spain has its own writing and photography team and a network of collaborators to ensure that we offer the highest quality content. All content about Spain has to match the historical and cultural heritage of our country, so we make sure that we publish only the highest quality.


Fascinating Spain was created with the aim of enhancing the value of the local and the traditional. For this reason, we are always aware of the opportunities that arise to cooperate with the different agents, private and institutional, with these objectives.

If you are interested in the rural world, the fight against depopulation or Spanish art and culture and you think we can cooperate you can contact us at [email protected]