Eating in Navia

Eating in Navia

The market, industry and touristic activity have turned Navia into an important village. Here you will be able to enjoy the traditional Asturian gastronomy without having to renounce to the local dishes. If you are in Navia, you should definitely try their cider! You can also choose your favorite option between their many restaurants and bars. Let’s go eat in Navia!

Due to its location, close to Galicia, there are some places in Asturias where a dialect known as the eonaviego is spoken. This is the case of Navia, the capital of its own council, where the culture from Galicia is also felt in the kitchen. The gastronomy here is very rich and there’s a lot to eat in Navia, but the fish is always the protagonist. Take a walk around the harbor and watch the entry of the boats, maybe you are even able to watch the interesting auction that happens in the fish market. The clam a la marinera and the seafood cocktail are some of the classic dishes of this village. Taste all of this maritime tradition in the Jornadas Gastronómicas del Bonito or the Sardine Festival.

Don’t leave without trying the famous rapones, empanadas made of bacon and corn. As a good Asturian town, in Navas you will be able to have a good fabada, where the main ingedient are the Fabas Asturianas with I.G.P. that are produced in the region. And to complete this experience, what could be better than going to the Fiesta de la Sida (Cider Party) and lear from the professional cupbearers as you taste the great Cider of Asturias with D.O.P..  To make your day sweeter, order a venera (a combination of egg, sugar and almond), the most simbolic dessert of this place, and enjoy it with the classic cottage cheese with honey.

fabada asturiana
ventresca navia
sardinas navia

Let’s go eat some tapas! If you like to refresh yourself with a drink at the same time you eat tapas, we suggest the Bar La Isla. Homemade food, delicious tortilla and big bocadillos. The Sidrería La Magaya offers great cider and quality tapas. The barnacles are the perfect portion to share with friends and family, and the pixín (anglerfish) has a great taste. The prices are kind of high.

comer navia sidreria magaya
Sidrería La Magaya
comer navie bar isla
Bar La Isla

You will find many options of places to eat in Navia. If you want to taste an Asturian cuisine that is respectful with its tradition at the same time it adds innovative touches you could go to the restaurant from the Hotel Blanco or the one from the Hotel Regueiro, in Tox. From the first one we recommend the crab cream and from the second their wonderful croquetas (chosen as the best croquetas in the world in 2015).

comer navia restaurante hotal blanco
Restaurante Hotel Blanco
comer navia restaurante hotel regueiro
Restaurante Hotel Regueiro

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