Trust and security

Fascinating Spain comes at a time when you cannot trust the information you read on the Internet. There is a great volume of information but much of it is false or incomplete, entering an era in which information is more than a reflection of reality; it is a reflection of the subjectivity of each individual. Fake news are dominating information on the internet and we want to return to objectivity in information, with the reader himself interpreting it and not us interpreting it.

Our goal is to provide reliability and trust with quality content that is perfectly treated and ready to be used by our readers. We want to value the Spanish from a positive point of view without entering into easily manipulated comparisons and assessments. We seek to offer a specialized and objective vision about Spain and the Spanish.

Our contents pass a rigorous quality control process ensuring that what the end user reads corresponds faithfully to reality. We are specialists in Spain and we seek to enhance what is ours by conveying reality in an objective but always positive way, as we believe that Spain has many things of great value.

That is why security and trust are two fundamental pillars on which our proposal of value to our reader is based.