11 traditional recipes with 5 ingredients or less

For those who get scared when they see long recipes and in which it seems like you need half a supermarket, we bring you eleven traditional Spanish recipes in which you only need five ingredients (or less). However, we have not taken into account basics such as olive oil, salt, or seasonings and spices such as pepper or cinnamon, as they are usually optional

Pumpkin cream soup recipe

propiedades de la calabaza

The traditional pumpkin cream soup recipe is very easy to prepare. Plus, it is full of vitamins and nutrients. There is nothing like a good pumpkin cream as a complement or as dinner, since it is a very light dish. Its ingredients are pumpkin, potatoes, leek and carrots.

Rice A Banda recipe

receta de arroz a banda

Traditional of the coast of Alicante, the recipe for arroz a banda has spread all over the Spanish eastern coast. It is a fishermen’s recipe, which due to its success became popular among the rest of society. The five ingredients needed to prepare it are bomba rice, fish broth, cuttlefish, prawns and tomatoes. We also include ingredients that we usually have at home such as sweet paprika and saffron. For a better result we recommend using a good quality paella pan.

Revolconas potatoes recipe

patatas revolconas

The recipe for revolconas potatoes is a essential part of Spanish cuisine. Also called ‘patatas meneás’, they are traditional in Ávila, Salamanca and in all Extremadura, although they are also very popular in Cáceres. Its origin is humble, because it was prepared by the peasants with basic products. To make this dish, you need potatoes, bacon, paprika and garlic.

Artichokes with sauce recipe

Lovers of healthy dishes who do not want to give up on taste are lucky with this traditional recipe for artichokes ‘en su salsa’. It is perfect as a side dish or as a main meal. It can also be added as an extra Serrano ham or egg, according to the chef’s taste. You only need flour, onion, garlic and lemon. To prepare the recipe we will need an oven dish

Chorizo lentils recipe


There is nothing more typical of Spanish cuisine than a good recipe for lentils with chorizo. They are easy to prepare and can be made in large quantities if desired for several days or for eating with the family. It is a traditional recipe to which you can add many ingredients such as peppers or potatoes. However, to prepare some hearty lentils we will only need lentils, chorizo, onions, carrots and garlic.

Manchegan Gachas recipe


Nothing like some Castile La Mancha gachas to lift anyone’s spirits. With a Roman origin, the recipe for gachas from La Mancha has been transformed. It could not be easier to prepare and with results that make you want to lick your fingers. The ingredients needed to make this traditional dish are bacon, flour and garlic. As spices, sweet paprika

Garlic soup recipe


If you want energy, nothing like preparing a traditional garlic soup recipe. Its affordable ingredients and the ease of preparation made this soup spread throughout the Spanish geography, although its origin lies in La Mancha. To make garlic soup we will need bread, Serrano ham, eggs and garlic.

Tortilla recipe

recetas españolas antiguas

There is no recipe that needs fewer ingredients and looks as spectacular as the traditional tortilla or potato omelette. With ingredients as basic as eggs, potatoes and onions, the potato omelette recipe is one that never disappoints. Ideal to serve with a salad or something fresher like a gazpacho.

Catalan Spinach recipe

Spinach is an outstanding source of vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants. The traditional Catalan-style spinach recipe is not only convenient because it is healthy, but also full of flavor. It can be made with a product with a designation of origin such as raisins from Málaga. It also has spinach, Serrano ham, pine nuts and garlic. 

Salmorejo recipe

The recipe for salmorejo is an excellent option when it is hot outside. Few dishes compete with salmorejo to cool us down in summer and few can match it in taste. Traditional from Córdoba, its ingredients are tomatoes, bread, Serrano ham, hard-boiled eggs and garlic

Homemade custard recipe


We finish these traditional recipes with the homemade custard recipe to sweeten this varied menu. Did you know that custard is believed to have been born in the convents? An inexpensive and delicious dessert. Its ingredients are eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and Maria cookies

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