The Best Villages in Extremadura for a Day Trip

Extremadura, considered the great unknown place of the Iberian Peninsula, sometimes goes unnoticed, overshadowed by other regions. But one thing is for certain: this region is full of impressive, monumental compounds and breathtaking natural spaces. We selected the most beautiful villages in Extremadura that you can see in a day trip.


pueblos más bonitos de Extremadura
Monasterio de Guadalupe (Cáceres)

Guadalupe is one of the most beautiful villages in Extremadura due to its impressive heritage. The famous Santuario de Guadalupe is surrounded by an exciting history, whose buildings hang on to a feeling of sacred art. What’s more, its surroundings will never take away from the artistic collection. One day is enough to walk through the cobbled streets of this town, which are joined by the iron and wooden balconies that fir together.


pueblos más bonitos de Extremadura
Romangordo (Cáceres)

Romangordo is for us one of the most beautiful villages in Extremadura because it has been converted into an open-air museum. You’d be surprised to find that walking through the streets of the village takes you on a journey through a typical day of rural life. The buildings were painted by artists from Extremadura from the Colectivo Muro and by students of the Bellas Artes de Madrid, supported by the city council. More than 100 colorful facades have been created since the initiative was launched more than two years ago. Under the slogan, “Romangordo, images that mark the identity of the village,” the city council proposed a tour that, in addition to the paintings, will allow you to discover other tourist attractions, like the Casa de los Aromas, the Ecomuseo del Tío Cascoles, and the interpretation center of the Ruta de los Ingleses.

Caucos de Yuste

pueblos más bonitos de Extremadura
Cuacos de Yuso (Cáceres)

In Caucos de Yuste, you’ll find the Monasterio de San Jerónimo de Yuste, a few kilometers from the urban center. The Emperor Carlos V fell in love with this monastery, which he would visit sometimes. Visiting the monastery is highly recommended, and you can easily spend two hours exploring it. The monastery is comprised of two clearly separate parts: the convent and the emperor’s residence. The convent is formed by the church, built in the center and with two cloisters, one Gothic and the other called the New Cloister. The church and the Gothic cloister come from the 15th century, while the other constructions are from the 16th century. Thus, the late Gothic and Renaissance styles are fused by this building.

Jerez de los Caballeros

pueblos más bonitos de Extremadura
Jerez de los Caballeros (Badajoz)

This selection of the most beautiful villages in Extremadura takes us to Jerez de los Caballeros, which is south of the province of Badajoz and very close to the border with Portugal. Here, you’ll find this monumental city whose beautiful, baroque towers come upon you from afar. The city’s epic templar past can be seen in its fortress. In addition, in its Plaza Mayor, an aplme space adorned with palm trees, rise the walls of the Church de San Miguel Arcángel, which we highly recommend you visit.


pueblos más bonitos de Extremadura
Olivenza (Badajoz)

Olivenza, one of the most beautiful towns in Extremadura, was ceded to the Portuguese in 1227, making up a good part of its excellent monumental heritage. It has belonged to Spain for two centuries, but Portugal still claims its sovereignty. This curious piece of history has been exploited by the city council, making it a popular tourist attraction. The monumental compound displays the Puente Fortificado de Nossa Senhora da Ajuda and the Puerta del Calvario, two fascinating structures.

Cabañas del Castillo

pueblos más bonitos de Extremadura
Cabañas de Castillo (Cáceres)

One of the most beautiful villages in Extremadura is the hidden mountain-town Cabañas del Castillo, a region that has been inhabited since the Prehistoric age, which is shows by the cave paintings hidden away in its caves. It is fascinating to walk through its natural ambiance and discover its ancient constructions like the Parish Church of Virgen de la Peña.

El Guijo de Santa Bárbara

pueblos más bonitos de Extremadura
El Guijo de Santa Bárbara (Cáceres)

El Guijo de Santa Bárbara is the village that is the highest in altitude of the Region of Vera, in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos. Its economy is mainly based on tourism, agriculture, and livestock. Of all the beautiful towns on this list, we strongly recommend this one for people who love to hike. You can also swim in the pools of the famous Garganta Jaranda and enjoy the wonderful views of the Sierra de Gredos.


pueblos más bonitos de Extremadura
Trujillo (Cáceres)

Another of the most beautiful villages in Extremadura is Trujillo, an important destination for the lover of historic buildings, culture, and Spanish cuisine. Its streets, covered in corner balconies, deserve a full day’s visit. We recommend beginning your tour through Trujillo with the old area inside the walls, an area that houses the “original nucleus” of the city. This area was developed around the castle, and it is surrounded by the remains of the Muslim walls, which were remade after the Christian conquest. The second part of the city is the Renaissance area, whose center is the Plaza Mayor.

If you know of another village that should be added to this list, let us know in the comments!

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