Where to eat the best Spanish tortilla (potato omelette)

In the search for the best tortillas in Spain, twelve bars and restaurants have come up with a success story for this dish. Within their kitchens the star is the potato omelette, either by preparing the classic recipe or by trying other more original ones. We know that like the omelette at home, none. However, with this selection it will seem like it has just come out of your pan.

Map with the best tortillas in Spain

Casa Dani

Photo: Facebook Casa Dani

If Casa Dani’s tortilla in Madrid is known for anything, it is for making the best one in Spain. And we are not the ones saying that, but the Second Spanish Tortilla Championship from which it emerged victorious in 2019. It is made with onion, eggs, sour potato and sunflower oil. This small shop is located in the Salamanca district, specifically in the Mercado de la Paz. Its cook does not use olive oil because she thinks that the potatoes are too impregnated, resulting in a lighter omelette. In this way, they prepare the potato omelette following the example of the Betanzos omelette, that is, solid but at the same time not fully set. The result is a very juicy omelette.

Flash Flash Tortilla

Photo: Facebook Flash Flash Barcelona

Inspired by the 70s, Flash Flash Tortilla is one of the best restaurants in which to taste this dish in Barcelona. An establishment with personality, as the walls are lined with fun photographs by Karin Leiz, who was photographed by Leopoldo Pomés as a photographer. In the restaurant’s menu, the undisputed star is the tortilla, with all kinds of preparations: tortilla cake, with macaroni and cheese, Catalan-style with beans and pork cracklings, Burgos black pudding, with Padrón peppers, codfish… They even prepare sweet tortillas with rum or orange, among others. For those who are not so brave, they have more traditional options

Mesón O Pote

Photo: Facebook Mesón O Pote

Popularly known for making one of the best tortillas in Spain, Mesón O Pote is located in Betanzos, near A Coruña on the A-6. This family-run establishment has 40 years of history and is located in a typical tapas area. To make their famous potato omelette they use top quality products, with free-range chicken eggs, Galician potatoes of the kennebec variety and olive oil. To make the tortilla juicy they set clear proportions: three eggs for each potato. In this way, we obtain an omelette that is not very firm and is quite liquid and is usually served with Galician bread to dip in the egg

Taberna Bar Santos

Photo: Facebook Taberna Bar Santos

There is no bigger tortilla than the one they make at the Taberna Bar Santos in Córdoba, famous for its large size. No more and no less than six kilograms of potatoes and 20 eggs to make an omelette that reaches a thickness of 14 centimetres. So that customers do not eat too much, they serve them by cutting wedges from the omelette. This is a well-curdled potato omelette perfect for combining with a refreshing drink.

Restaurante Juan José

Photo: Facebook Bar Restaurante Juan José

The speciality of the Juan José Restaurant in Huelva is its characteristic potato omelette. Some classify it as the best in Andalusia, as fresh market products are used in its preparation, and this can be noticed in the taste. The recipe is the result of a family legacy, which has been passed down from one generation to the next, giving rise to a Huelva omelette that will not be forgotten. Here you can also taste other typical products of the province such as ham, prawns and pork. One of the best tortillas in Spain.

Pez Tortilla

Photo: Facebook Pez Tortilla

Although it does not have years of history behind it, the Pez Tortilla has already established itself as one of the emblems of the capital where you can taste the best tortillas. Also known for its croquettes, this bar in Madrid is an example of variety. Its menu features recipes with Spanish products, such as tortilla with torta del Casar, chistorra or Galician-style octopus. There are also more international ones, such as tortilla with parmesan or truffled brie. At rush hour it is usually crowded, so we recommend going early.

Juantxo Taberna

Photo: Facebook Juantxo Taberna

Juantxo Taberna’s sandwiches are famous in Donostia, especially for their fillings. Although they make the classic potato omelette, their success is due to their omelette filled with cheese and ham. Of course, the one filled with txaka, a mixture of mayonnaise and crab sticks. Especially during the summer, this recipe becomes a must. If you are on a trip in the Basque Country, do not hesitate to try other bars where you can eat omelette in Donosti or places to order omelette pinchos in Bilbao.

Bar Alhambra

Photo: Facebook Bar Alhambra

Do not be fooled by its name, Bar Alhambra is located in Valencia and prepares one of the best tortillas in the province (if not the best). Hidden in this small family bar, they prepare an average of 15 tortillas a day. For each one they use 32 eggs, so some of them weigh more than four kilos.

People come to this establishment from all over the city, looking to try their tortillas which, as some catalogue, have the perfect juiciness and texture. They make five or six tortillas of different varieties. From the classic one with onions to others with zucchini, sobrassada, sausage, spinach or even with tender garlic. A must at the end of the A-3.

Cafetería Restaurante Europa

Photo: Facebook Cafetería Restaurante Europa Gijón

One of the best tortillas in Spain is in Gijón and they prepare them in the Cafeteria Restaurant Europa. It backs them up by winning two categories in the Gijón 2020 Tortilla Championship for their traditional omelette with eggs, potatoes and onion and for their omelette with eggs, potatoes, cecina, goat cheese and caramelised onion. Over the years they have perfected the technique. This is reflected in their achievements, as they have been making omelettes since 1969. More than 50 tortillas are made every day, and they are made with different ingredients, such as paisana tortilla or with chorizo and leeks. An obligatory stop on the A-8.

El Olivo tapas-bar

Photo: Facebook El Olivo tapas bar

This establishment specialising in tapas is very well known in Zaragoza and no wonder why. The tortillas are the great protagonists of El Olivo tapas-bar, although they offer take-away portions that also have a lot of followers. Every day they prepare an average of ten tortillas that they do not hesitate to make on the spot during the opening hours. The secret is to be very demanding when it comes to finding the potatoes, they do not use just any of them. They usually focus on traditional tortillas. However, sometimes they prepare them with chistorra or codfish.

Reconquista 14

Photo: Facebook Reconquista 14

As its name suggests, it has been located on the Avenida de la Reconquista in Toledo since 1982. Many still call it as it was called in the past, Salagem, although it is now called Reconquista 14. The tortillas can be purchased whole or in pinchos, enjoying its two varieties: the classic with onions. As a complement it can be accompanied by fried green peppers or aioli, or its greatest success, the tortilla filled with tomato and tuna.

Bar Chillón

Photo: Facebook Bar Chillón

If the Bar Chillón in Zamora is known for anything, it is for its potato omelette served with tripe sauce. Experts in tortillas and tripe, they decided to join both dishes by creating this unique skewer. In this way, the tortilla is tender and bathed in the tripe sauce. However, it is possible to order it without sauce. Overlooking the Plaza de Sagasta, this simple bar is perfect for a break on the road

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