Refreshing drinks to combat the heat

When it starts to get hot, we all want to have refreshing drinks. Some are very nutritious, such as horchata and granizado, and others are refreshing like sangria and tinto de verano. No one can refuse one of these 4 drinks while resting on a terrace. They are a delight! In addition, several drinks such as tinto de verano or horchata are part of our traditional gastronomy. We plan to use these refreshing drinks to combat the heat and survive the hot summer months.

Refreshing drinks: Granizado

Although the lemon granizado (crushed ice lemon drink) is the most well-known, there are others that are just as good: orange, melon, watermelon… A healthy drink and full of good ingredients. Today, we will show you how to prepare the lemon granizado, a classic. Take advantage of the vitamins in this fruit in one of the most refreshing drinks. It is perfect for the kids in the house too!

  • Lemons (4), water (1/2 litre), ice cubes (4), sugar (300 grams)

In a blender, pour the previously peeled lemons. Also add the water, the ice cubes and the sugar. Blend it all together until lightly thickened. Add more water or ice cubes as needed.

Refreshing drinks: Tinto de verano

Tinto de verano was born in Spain in the mid-twentieth century and it was quickly known as the drink of the verbenas (a type of party) and terraces. Served in a tubular glass or “caña,” it is an alcoholic beverage. Its origin is in Córdoba, in a place called “Venta de Vargas,” where singers and guitarists met. What was served? Red wine with soda!

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  • Red wine, bottle of soda (1), ice cubes, lemon and orange slices (for decoration)

First, pour the ice into a pitcher. After this, pour one third of the chosen wine and two thirds of the soda. Decorate each glass with a slice of orange or lemon and serve the tinto de verano. The next step is to enjoy one of the most desired refreshing beverages.

Refreshing drinks: Horchata

The tiger nut horchata is one of the most consumed refreshing drinks in Valencia, where it comes from. Although it looks like regular milk, is a drink that is extracted from the tiger nut and it has a sweet taste. The tiger nut of Valencia is a tuber with PDO and it is the main ingredient of horchata. It is an energetic drink full of digestive properties. It is typically served with sweets, like fartons (a confectionary dessert in Valencia). By the way, the best horchata and fartons of Madrid can be found at the Horchateria Alboraya, C/Alcala 125.

  • Tiger nuts (250 grams), water (1 liter), sugar (125 grams)

Before making the horchata, you must get the tiger nuts and soak them for 24 to 48 hours. We also recommend changing the water several times. Once this time has passed, put the tiger nuts in a bowl with a little water. Grind with the blender to get the milk out of the tiger nuts. After this, strain it to eliminate possible lumps. Add the remaining water and the sugar, and then mix well. To finish, put the drink in the fridge for at least two hours. Consume it on the same day.

Refreshing drinks: Sangría

Another one of our refreshing drinks? The sangría! This alcoholic beverage is consumed during the summer months. In addition to its basic ingredients, it tends to carry some kind of liquor. However, in each region the recipe is different. In Asturias, for example, it is prepared with cider. We advise you to prepare the recipe with time, so this way the wine acquires all the nuances of the fruit and the flavor is even better.

  • Young red wine (1 liter), juice from 2 oranges or lemons, peaches (4, cut in pieces)
  • Sugar (3 tablespoons), ice cubes
  • Optional: liquor, rum or soda

First, put the peeled and cut peaches into a pitcher. Next add the wine, lemon or orange juice, and sugar. Mix and leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours. If you want to lower the alcohol level you can add soda. If, on the contrary, you want it stronger, pour the liquor before putting in the fridge. Before serving the sangria, throw in the ice so it will stay cold.

Text: María Jesús Colombo

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