Eating in Burgos

Eating in Burgos

Eating in Burgos is always a good idea. The variety of typical dishes will surprise you, ranging from tapas to meals. The best restaurants and bars are centered around the old town next to the Cathedral. In them you can ask for stews and recipes with grilled and roasted vegetables. Below we present the most distinctive recipes of the city and we suggest a selection of restaurants and bars to eat at in Burgos.

The city from El Cid, named the Spanish Capital of Cuisine in 2013, has always been a focus of culinary tourism. If you want to know what to eat in Burgos, here you can taste the best Castilian cuisine. For example, great vegetables like alubias rojas (red beans; best from Ibeas), lentils and typical stews like the olla podrida, with pieces of pork. You can also find one of the best Castilian soups. The main dish is the cordero lechal (suckling lamb), roasted in a firewood oven; the chuletillas de cordero (lamb chops) are also famous. Among the other meats the morcilla de arroz is noteworthy.

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Cangrejos de río (river crabs) and truchas (trout) are common in this area. Among cheese, the most famous is named queso fresco de Burgos (Burgos fresh cheese)- originally produced with sheep milk, but now is mostly mixed with cow and sheep milk- and the queso de la Bureba, made with sheep milk and a strong flavor. If you like kebabs, you will find two famous types: the cojonudo (in a slice of bread with a fried egg, quail, spicy pork sausage and pepper) or the cojonuda with blood sausage instead of spicy pork sausage. Needless to say, these are garnished with an assortment of wines like the Ribera del Duero wine and the Arlanza wine. When it is time to order dessert don’t forget the well-known postre del abuelo, with Burgos cheese, honey and walnuts. June 29 celebrates the Día del Burgalés Ausente or also the Peñas, at the end of the San Pedro and San Pablo celebrations. The Buen Yantar competition, where different groups offer their products, takes place in Fuentes Blancas park.

The busiest area is the old town next to the Cathedral. On Sombrerería Street you will find famous bars like La Cabaña Arandiña, El Morito brewry, La Mejillonera, Mesón Burgos etc. It is also typical to go to the Plaza Mayor. On San Lorenzo Street you will find the best, most contemporary tapas in the Casa Pancho restaurant near La Favorita. In the center, at the entrance of Burgos, you will find the Hostal Landa restaurant. A mythical stop perfect for resilient travelers, whether eating a sausage kebab or lunch in some of its most authentic spaces.

comer burgos mejillonera
La Mejillonera
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Mesón Burgos

There are delicious restaurants and pubs to eat at in Burgos. The restaurant El Polisón offers a Castilian cuisine with modern touches- like a Castilian menu and sampling menu. Casa Ojeda, a restaurant that is over 100 years old (it opened in 1912), is a classic restaurant with a firewood oven and extensive wine cellar. The grill restaurant Puerta Real, next to the Catehdral, offers traditional and updated cuisine. We recommend the crema de morcilla with sweet pepper jam.

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El Polisón
comer burgos puerta real
Puerta Real

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