The best places to watch the sunset in Spain

Seeking beautiful sunsets is such a unique way of travelling the world. In that sense, Spain has some spectacular corners to enjoy the descent of the sun. We can find those special places all over the peninsula, as well as the islands. Watching the sunset in Spain will always be a memorable experience for those who find pleasure in the details, enjoying the colours, the magical atmosphere, and maybe the company too.

Discover the best sunsets in Spain

Northern sunsets

Sunset at the beach of Gueirua

Sunset at the beach of Gueirua. | Shutterstock

The force of nature has slowly shaped the rock formations of the beach of Gueirua. It lies in the municipality of Cudillero, and it belongs to the protected area of Costa Occidental de Asturias. The picture here is delightful, both at high and low tide. Perhaps the most spellbinding sight is the one that can be witnessed when the sun comes down and the rocks mirror its last beams of light. The beach is not even 200 metres long, and its 80-metre cliffs create a heartwarming feeling of seclusion.

Beach of El Puntal

Beach of El Puntal. | Shutterstock

One of the best lookouts in Cantabria can be found on its coast. More specifically, it rests on the beach of El Puntal, in the bay of Santander, and it offers lovely views of the city. This place has a natural protrusion going into the sea and following the path between the beaches of Loredo and Somo, two of the most popular in the region. Walking on this beach at sundown, the first lights of Santander glowing in the distance, is just a delightful experience.

Mediterranean sunsets

Sunset at L’Albufera in Valencia

Sunset at L’Albufera in Valencia. | Shutterstock

Many people praise the sunsets of L’Albufera, and it makes perfect sense. It is one of the most peculiar landscapes in the Valencian Community and in Spain as well. Any sunset there has something special. If you have the chance to enjoy sundown while sailing the lake on one of its typical boats, then you will get one of the best views. Without a doubt, L’Albufera in Valencia provides a stunning sunset to admire in Spain.

Beautiful sunset in Cartagena

Beautiful sunset in Cartagena. | Shutterstock

We will stay on the Mediterranean coast for a little longer. The marina of Cartagena in the Region of Murcia has one of the most beautiful sunsets in Spain. One can enjoy there a lovely landscape combining both sea and mountains, and the palm trees add a final touch to the postcard.

Inland sunsets

Bárdenas Reales

Bárdenas Reales. | Shutterstock

The next sunset belongs to the desert area of the Bárdenas Reales in Navarre. Actually, we are talking about a semi-desert landscape, but it is the only desert in Europe and it lies in Almería. The Bárdenas conform such a unique natural setting that it seems difficult to believe it belongs to Spain. These 42 000 hectares make up an amazing place to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

The sun sets over the unique landscape of Las Médulas

The sun sets over the unique landscape of Las Médulas. | Shutterstock

We will find Las Médulas to the north-west of the Aquilanos mountains, next to the valley of the river of Sil. They are the outcome of the actions of humankind over nature, since the Romans blew them up thousands of years ago to create one of the greatest gold mines of the Empire. Nowadays, it is a striking place to visit any time of the day, but particularly when de sun descends and the reddish earth becomes bright crimson.

Sunset at the Duratón River Gorges Natural Park

Sunset at the Duratón River Gorges Natural Park. | Shutterstock

One can also admire a great sunset from the church of San Frutos, in the heights of the Duratón River Gorges Natural Park in Segovia. Either if you focus on the infinite sky of Castilla or watch the delicate shapes of the temple, the view is equally amazing. Indeed, any point of these tall formations provides a spectacular sight.

The Debod Temple, one of the best places to watch the sunset in Spain

The Debod Temple, one of the best places to watch the sunset in Madrid. | Shutterstock

Madrid’s sky is also worth admiring from different perspectives, like from Cibeles, watching over Gran Vía, or from the Cerro del Tío Pío. However, the most popular sunset in Madrid is probably the one we see from the Temple of Debod, with the Royal Palace and its immense gardens in the background.

Southern sunsets

Sunset near the lighthouse of Trafalgar

Sunset near the lighthouse of Trafalgar. | Shutterstock

Barbate, in the province of Cádiz, can boast about many things. To start with, it has such a rich history, considering it has been inhabited since time immemorial. It has one of the best coastal cuisines of Spain too, and many beaches to stroll and enjoy a nice swim. Moreover, it has one of those spellbinding sunsets that never leave one’s memory. The best view is probably the one we get from the surroundings of the lighthouse of Trafalgar, a 34-metre giant painted with the typical Andalusian white.

La Caleta

La Caleta. | Shutterstock

Located between the castles of San Sebastián and Santa Catalina, the beach of La Caleta is one of the loveliest in Cádiz. We could really stay in this province and watch some of the best sunsets in Spain. Just as in Barbate, the sun descends into the water and all the elements in the picture, like the little boats swaying in the waves or the rocky path, paint a beautiful portrait of the sunset.

Sunset at the Doñana National Park

Sunset at the Doñana National Park. | Shutterstock

Similar to L’Albufera, in the Doñana National Park we find a sunset defined by one of the most important wetlands in Spain. It spreads through the provinces of Huelva, Cádiz and Seville. We will find our sunset in Huelva, in Charco de la Boca. Flamingos rest peacefully in this corner of El Rocío. Actually, beautiful sunsets can be enjoyed from almost anywhere in Doñana.

Island sunsets

Ibiza has some of the most famous sunsets in Spain

Ibiza has some of the most famous sunsets in Spain. | Shutterstock

In Ibiza, really close to the homonymous capital of the island, we will find Cala Benirrás, a small, almost wild beach with golden sand, surrounded by cliffs. Ibiza is widely known for its beautiful sunsets. This one belongs to the north of the island, but the south has great postcards too. For instance, from Cala d’Hort we can admire the small island of Es Vedrà, a sight that will make any witness instantly fall in love with it.

The beach of Benijo in Tenerife

The beach of Benijo in Tenerife. | Shutterstock

We will head to another archipelago now. The most famous sunset of the Canary Islands is perhaps the one the traveller finds in the beach of Benijo, Tenerife. And it has definitely earnt its fame. Indeed, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain: wild, with black sand, and escorted by a two natural monuments, Roque de la Rapadura and Roque Benijo. Watching the sunset from the 300-metres-long sandbank is just an amazing experience.

The most famous sunset in Spain

Sunset in Finisterre

Sunset in Finisterre. | Shutterstock

If we still seek popular sunsets, we will have to head back to the peninsula and discuss the most famous sunset in Spain. Finisterre and its surroundings — including the lighthouse, the town, and the beaches nearby — welcomes many visitors every day. All of them are looking for a corner that was once considered the end of the world. For the Romans, there was nothing beyond this point. That feeling of standing at the border of the world still prevails there, which is one of the reasons why watching the sun come down in this corner of Galicia is an experience one cannot have anywhere else.

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