Fascinating Ibiza: its most beautiful villages

Ibiza is one of the most visited islands not only on the Balearic coast, but also in the whole of Spain. This place is so popular for being a paradisiacal oasis in the middle of the Mediterranean. The famous concept of “ibicenco” comes from its dreamy beaches of crystal-clear waters, coves in the middles of nowhere and its charming little villages. Apart from the most popular tourist attractions, this article focuses on those villages that are considered to be the most beautiful in Ibiza.

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera church

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera church | Shutterstock

Santa Gertrudis is the perfect destination for those who fall in love with rural tourism because it could be considered an oasis. The little village is located in the middle of Ibiza and is the perfect example of its typical style and atmosphere of the island. This village grab many European tourists’ attention as it is one of the sunniest areas, although it has no beaches. Besides, there are a huge variety of restaurants in which you could try the most typical dishes. This is definitely an ideal place to spend a pleasant day and discover the bohemian atmosphere of the island.

Es Cubells

Es Cubells church

Es Cubells church. | Shutterstock

You should not miss this little but amazing village as it is considered one of Ibiza’s hotspots due to its location in the heart of the island. Es Cubells is located in the south in the top of a large cliff and has an access to some of the most emblematic coves of the entire coastline. Besides, its heritage is very well preserved and it has the beautiful church of ‘Nuestra Señora del Carmen’, a church completely white.

Sant Carles de Peralta

Sant Carles de Perarlta Ibiza

Sant Carles de Perarlta. | Shutterstock

It is located in the northeast of Ibiza with a high-relevant historical past. Sant Carles de Peralta is considered to be the birthplace of the characteristic hippie movement of the island and its houses attracted the attention of artists from all over the world. Nowadays, it is a typical Ibizan village which includes many craftworks stands and historical places as the Trull de Can ‘Andreau Museum and the Sant Carles church.

Sant Jordi de ses Salines

Natural Park of ses Salines

Natural Park of ses Salines. | Shutterstock

The village of Sant Jordi de ses Salines is located right on the border with the city of Eivissa and very close to the airport. A few minutes away from the town centre of this village you will find the largest salt mine of the island, the natural park of Ses Salines, which attracts hundreds of flamingos every year and where there are numerous hiking routes. In addition, the village has access to the popular beach of Playa d’en Bossa and one of its most relevant architectural attractions is the church of Sant Jordi.

Sant Miquel de Balansat

Sant Miquel de Balansat

Sant Miquel de Balansat. | Shutterstock

The village of Sant Miquel de Balansat is located in the northern of the island and its main attraction lies in its historical heritage, which includes buildings that are well worth visiting in Ibiza. A clear example is its fortified church, from the 15th century, as well as the temple that stands over the entire village, known as Puig de Missa. Besides, it has a wide range of handicrafts, with many pottery, weaving and goldsmith shops.



Valverde. | Shutterstock

If you are looking for peace and quiet and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the island, you should definitely visit the village of Valverde. This village, which consists of just a few houses, is located in the east of the island in a strategic point not only for hiking routes around the island, but also for accessing some of Ibiza’s most important coves, such as Cala Blanca. An essential stop if you are looking to get in touch with nature.

Sant Joan de Labritja

Sant Joan de Labritja

Sant Joan de Labritja. | Shutterstock

Incredibly, this was one of the most inhabited villages on the island centuries ago. However, nowadays it has remained a refuge of peace for all those who are looking for relaxation. This village’s layout stands out from the rest of the island of Ibiza as it is different from the norm of white houses: its main avenue is made up of many houses that are preserved from the ancient times. One of its strong aspects is the church of Sant Joan.

Sant Vicent de sa Cala

Sant Vicent de sa Cala

Sant Vicent de sa Cala. | Shutterstock

The village of Sant Vicent de sa Cala is a paradise for all those who come to Ibiza looking for beaches but want to escape the mass of crowds. This picturesque and small coastal town is located around one of the most emblematic coves of the island, the cove of Sant Vicent, a large beach of white sands and calm waters surrounded by a natural environment full of cliffs. The ideal destination to enjoy the good weather in the Balearic Islands with a great variety of hotels and local products.

Sant Mateu d’Albarca

Sant Mateu d'Albarca

Sant Mateu d’Albarca. | Shutterstock

Ibiza is well-known thanks to its sun and beaches, however, there is many other things to discover. Tourists could spend different holidays in its small villages, for example in Sant Mateu d’Albarca, an inland village with a long tradition of vineyards. For that reason, its most famous celebrity is the Wine Festival which takes places in December.  If you come to this village, you will will enjoy the island’s gastronomy and tradition in a rural environment, surrounded by nature.

Sant Agustí des Vedrà

Sant Agustí des Vedrà

Sant Agustí des Vedrà . | JanManu, Wikimedia

This little town in Ibiza has a something special, as it has preserved its historic centre in perfect condition, and its landscape is like something out of a film set. Not surprisingly, it has been named a Balearic Heritage Site.

Its streets and buildings are very well preserved, and its church and the entire historic centre of the town stand out. An ideal place to get to know the charm of Ibiza.

Sant Francesc de s’Estany

Sant Francesc de s'Estany

Sant Francesc de s’Estany. | JanManu, Wikimedia

It is impossible not to mention one of the smallest villages of Ibiza, Sant Francesc de s’Estany. It is different from the other Ibizan villages since its church located apart from the rest of the town, although over the years, some houses have been built around it. This church was built for the workers of the salt mine. Besides, it has been named a Natural Park, so there is no excuse not to visit it.

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