Villages that combine sea and mountains

What a pleasure it is to be able to get away from it all to a coastal town or to travel to the mountains to do activities such as hiking. But what about those who love both? In Spain there are many villages with sea and mountains that are perfect for enjoying both. You just have to be able to choose one!


Elantxobe, Bizkaia

Elantxobe is an old fishing district located in the province of Bizkaia. The beautiful port and the houses arranged in cascade at the foot of the mountain are a real eye-catcher. Apart from the coast, where you can take a pleasant walk and enjoy the views of the port, it is located within the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. This means that the landscape in which Elantxobe is located is exceptional, and there are many options for those who want the sea or the mountains


Most beautiful villages in Asturias: Llanes

Among the villages with sea and mountains Llanes is another option that combines coastal areas with mountain landscapes. The beaches of Llanes, Asturias, are known for their great beauty, such as the beach of Antiles with its white sand; Barru beach which is one of the most popular; the beach of Borizu qualified as semi-natural; or the beach of Buelna characterized by its great beauty and its crystalline waters, among others. For the more adventurous, there are trails such as the route of the colors of the Valle Oscuru or the route of the Senda del río Purón, where you can admire the chestnut, oak and hazelnut trees

Puerto de Sóller

Puerto de Sóller | Shutterstock

Puerto de Sóller is a natural harbour located in the Tramontana mountain range in Mallorca. It is home to an outstanding tourist population centre with a perfect composition of beaches and mountains. In the past, the isolation that the Tramontana mountain range gave the population caused maritime trade to play a very important role. For sports lovers like mountain climbers, there is the Piedra en Seco route, which crosses the Tramontana mountain range. Those who prefer the sound of the waves can choose between the two beaches of the port: the beach of En Repic and Es Travès. In addition, the port offers the possibility of scuba diving, giving you the chance to explore the seabed.


Viveiro | Shutterstock

Vivero is a beautiful town in the province of Lugo, in Galicia. It has great attractions, such as its rich civil and religious heritage. On its coast there are five beaches of different sizes and characteristics. One of the most popular beaches is Covas, which is very beautiful. It can be reached via the Misericordia Bridge, partly located in the town’s old town. Its crystalline waters and the rocks that stand out from the sea make it one of the most appealing. All this can be combined with a visit to the San Roque mountain, located about 350 metres above sea level. Here you will find a spectacular viewpoint where you can get excellent views of the town and its surroundings: the estuary, the town centre and the beach


Deba | Shutterstock

Deba is a coastal town of the Basque Country located in the province of Gipuzkoa, specifically at the mouth of the river Deva. For beach lovers, its main attraction will be the large beach of Santiago de Deva, with its enormous boulevard. It is separated from the river estuary by an artificial rock jetty. The colour of its sand is dark, the result of the slate rocks of the surrounding mountains. For those who love hiking, there are several paths that give the opportunity to discover another side of Deba. In addition to the famous Way to Santiago, the georoutes of the Basque Coast Geopark, which includes mountains that date back 110 million years, should be highlighted


Llafranc | Shutterstock

In Girona you will find Llafranc, where one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava is located, which also has a very complete promenade. Llafranc beach is characterized by its fine sand and golden color, and is adapted for the disabled

This small town is located at the foot of the San Sebastian mountain. Formerly a fishing village, it is now a residential area. The bay of Llafranc is protected by this mountain. For the more adventurous, it is interesting to visit the dolmen of Can Mina dels, dated between 3,400 and 3,000 B.C. To reach it, you must take the old Ermitaño path, from the church of Santa Rosa de Llafranc to the mountain of San Sebastián.

La Aldea de San Nicolás

La Aldea de San Nicolás | Shutterstock

La Aldea de San Nicolás is located on the island of Gran Canaria, although the locals popularly call it La Aldea. It is surrounded by mountains and has several beaches. Along the 33 kilometres of coastline of La Aldea de San Nicolás there are stone beaches, sandy beaches, small coves… For the most part these are low traffic beaches, which remain intact in an almost virgin natural setting. However, the most visited is La Aldea beach, which is located in the village. On the other hand, the natural surroundings in which the municipality is located are exceptional, with a variety of paths and routes with protected areas such as the Tamadaba Nature Park or the Güi-Güi Special Nature Reserve, among others.


Salobreña | Shutterstock

Salobreña is part of the white villages of the tropical coast of Granada, a village situated between the sea and the mountains where beaches, tropical trees, wadis in which the water of the thaw of the Sierra Nevada flows… In this way, you can get to know the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, the Sierra de Tejeda or La Alpujarra in the surroundings. In addition, Salobreña has two beautiful beaches separated by a large rock. La Guardia is a quiet beach and La Charca is more festive. On both beaches you can enjoy the sea practically at any time of the year


Altea | Shutterstock

Altea is a picturesque village in the province of Alicante, chosen every year by thousands of people looking for refreshment on its many beaches. Some of these beaches are L’Espigó, La Olla, Cap Negret or Cap Blanch, among others. Moreover, this can be combined with the different hiking routes that can be done in its mountainous area, giving the possibility to know in depth its nature. For example, in the Sierra de Bernia

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