Niembru, dream beaches and scary cemeteries

What an adventure to discover the council of Llanes, defined by the constant presence of the Cantabrian Sea. With places as curious as the smallest beach in the world and an authentic, unspoiled nature. Fishing villages and a culture that has been preserved regardless of the passing of the centuries. All this can be admired in the place that today stars in the Weekend Getaway: Niembru, which has a nearby cemetery that has been the setting for several horror movies and also beaches that are anything but terrifying. This is how one of the most breathtaking landscapes of the Asturian coast is formed.

A bit of history


Niembru from the sky. | Shutterstock

Niembru is part of the ecclesiastical parish of Barro, which was constituted in 1788 by segregation of the monastery of San Salvador. To this parish belongs Barro itself, also Niembru and Balmari. For its creation, it was necessary to raise a protagonist figure in this route: the parish church of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, with its cemetery. It is this church that plays the main role when it comes to forming an identifying postcard of the place.

This corner of Asturias, as has been said, is conditioned by the Cantabrian Sea and all the forms it creates in its path. The council, in general, owes much to maritime activity. Since the fishing industry began to flourish in the 16th century, many people have been linked to these waters and their opportunities. This is how it has come down to the present day.

The keys of Niembru

Church of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores

Church of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores. | Shutterstock

The reason why the name of Niembru began to be popular in the tourist universe has to do with the aforementioned church and its location. It is located between Barro and Niembru, in the Barro estuary that separates both towns, forming a spectacular image. A transit point of the Northern Way to Santiago, the picture of the church above water began to travel the world.

It is necessary to contemplate it during the early morning high tide, when the high tide allows its image to be reflected in waters in which, it seems, anything can be happening. Not in vain, as already mentioned, has been the location for several films that needed to have this mystery that emerges from here. When this tide goes out the image changes completely, and then you have to contemplate it again. It is worthwhile in one way or another, as it is worthwhile to stop and analyze these changes. The church is also beautiful.

Torimbia beach

Torimbia beach. | Shutterstock

This quiet village, ideal to rest a few days, is located in an environment of great beauty. Apart from this place out of a horror story, Niembru has beaches around it that offer a fantastic experience in the summer months, but also at other times of the year. The beach of Torimbia is located under cliffs that occupy 500 meters of extension. It is also worth mentioning Toranda beach, with white sand and strong waves. Wherever the tourist goes, he will find a natural viewpoint to the Asturian paradise.

Spots near Niembru


If the tourist can leave this spectacular landscape. | Shutterstock

Some have already been mentioned. The smallest beach in the world, Gulpiyuri beach, is a perfect place to discover in a morning and enjoy its singularities. It forms another image that will catch the eye of the beholder. Moving west, also the beach of Cuevas del Mar, narrow and surrounded by karst formations, is a corner that deserves the attention of the traveler.

Twenty minutes away from this picturesque village, Ribadesella is another fantastic destination. It has a wide range of tourist and gastronomic offer. Not in vain, of course, is one of the most visited fishing villages of this Asturian coast. If the traveler has the opportunity to have more than one weekend, then you should not miss this route that runs for several days along the coast. There is always something new to discover in Asturias.

A perfect destination for autumn

Asturias niembru

This church and its cemetery form one of the most striking images of Asturias. | Shutterstock

Because that combination of dreamy beaches and dreamy cemeteries gives rise to this perfect getaway for autumn, when it seems that the tourist is a little more predisposed to be carried away by the mystery. In addition to those Enchanted Corners that little by little are being presented, Niembru, without legends in the middle, only with its image, is also an ideal place for it. To rest in the quiet village, to stroll along its beautiful beaches, to marvel at that picture postcard image and to discover the surroundings. When it comes to Asturias you have never seen enough.

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