Gastronomic Route through Asturias

Gastronomic Route through Asturias

This is a gastronomic route through Asturias full of strong flavors and dishes. We recommend the best places to taste the most traditional dishes of Asturian gastronomy. If you love food, you will have lots of recipes to try, like the steaks from Cabrales, Asturian stew, cakes, rice pudding, carbayones (another typical dessert)… And of course everything served with a good cider! Cider is the typical drink of Asturias, an excellent drink that is served, and a must-have if you decide to take this gastronomic route through Asturias. Let’s get started!


queso cabrales
Cabrales cheese

In the municipality of Cabrales, you will be able to enjoy the Cabrales cheese, with a strong smell and flavor. It is a blue cheese that is made with cow, sheep or goat milk. In this gastronomic route through Asturias, you will find this cheese in the towns of the Council of Cabrales and in the villages of Cáraves, Rozagás and Oceño. We also recommend you try the cheese of Gamonéu, a blue cheese typical of the village of Gamonedo in the Council of Onís.


fabada asturiana

Although the Asturian fabada can be eaten in all of Asturias and it is of an excellent quality, in Gijón you will be able to eat it paired with views of the historical town. It is a traditional Asturian recipe that you can not miss in this fantastic gastronomic route in Asturias. It is made with the Asturian faba (a bean stew), which has P.G.I., pork, and sausages such as the Asturian black pudding and chorizo, the compango. It is a great dish to eat during the day and keep your stomach happy.


cachopo oviedo

At the city of Oviedo, we arrive to eat a good Asturian cachopo. As noted above, this dish is typical of the whole principality of Asturias, but you can not go through this community without visiting its capital. The cachopo is a fried empanada of two veal fillets that are filled with ham and cheese. However, the gastronomic route through Asturias also encourages innovation, so we recommend you try the new recipe of this delicacy people are going crazy over: cachopo cooked with goat cheese and cecina (a salted type of meat) or with stewed meat. What more can you ask for? It is great!


pixin llanes

Along the gastronomic route through Asturias you do not want to miss some fish. In the  Council of Llanes  you can try the Pixín, the name of a monkfish in Asturias. This fish can be made with sauce or fried in a very thin batter, the way it is most commonly made. It has a light and perfect flavor to accompany a small salad.

Cangas del Narcea

casadiella cangas narcea

In Cangas del Narcea you will find several artisan patisseries in which to try the casadiella. This Asturian pastry dessert will be one of the sweetest recipes on our gastronomic route through Asturias. The casadiella or ‘casadielles’ (plural in Asturian) are similar to fried empanadillas (a tarte derived from empanadas). They are stuffed with walnuts, anise and sugar, and they can also contain hazelnuts. And if you are a dessert lover, you can try the marañuelas, a traditional dessert in Luanco and Candás. They are made with sugar, egg, butter and flour, and sometimes they are shaped like a pasta and other times like a roll.

Text: María Jesús Colombo

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