7 getaways near Madrid to cool off

These summer getaways are perfect if you are visiting the capital of Spain and are thinking of how to cool off during your visit. And it’s official: summer is here. The good weather has arrived, even excessively good, and with it the priorities of many travelers change. They are no longer looking for the mountains, nor so much looking for that capital with several monuments to visit in a walk. The beach begins to climb to the top of the ranking of preferences. Also, of course, among the people of Madrid, who have fought all their lives against not having a beach.

Madrid does not have a beach, but it has many nearby places that are something like a beach. That fulfill all the functions of a beach, except for that detail of looking at the sea. For the rest: sun, shade, nature, good company and water for a dip. All this can be found in the Community of Madrid or in its surroundings.

Pantano de San Juan, the beach of Madrid

Pantano de San Juan

Panoramic view of the Pantano de San Juan. | Shutterstock

We must start with the most obvious place. It is because, among other things, this is known as the beach of Madrid. It is located in the same community and there are many people from Madrid who have already come to discover its benefits, but it never hurts to remember it. Located in the municipalities of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, El Tiemblo, Cebreros and Pelayos de la Presa, it is the only reservoir in the Community where bathing is allowed. Also water activities are allowed, so in addition to a dip, visitors can enjoy the entertainment typical of this time of year. Madrid does have a beach, but it is a very particular one, of course.

Presillas de Rascafría, with breathtaking views

Presillas de Rascafría

Presillas de Rascafría. | Carmelo Peciña, Flickr

Among green meadows and with magnificent views of Pico Peñalara, the Presillas have always had a great activity due to its wide possibilities. They are a set of natural pools that are completed with rivers, streams and pools of all kinds. They are located in the Valley of El Paular, in the north of the Community of Madrid, and are an ideal place to enjoy a day off. Reaching the place is easy, as it is well signposted. Also on the way is the Monastery of Nuestra Señora de El Paular, which is always worth a visit. Even in the hottest months. These getaways are perfect for relaxing and cooling off during summer, but they can be visited and enjoyed all year round.

Bolarque Reservoir, nature and activities

Bolarque Reservoir

Bolarque Reservoir. | Shutterstock

Between Cuenca and Guadalajara, wedged between the mountains of the Sierra de Altomira, the Bolarque Reservoir forms, along with other reservoirs such as Entrepeñas, the so-called Sea of Castile. The truth is that it is an ideal place to cool off and enjoy a day beside calm waters. One of its most famous beaches is the Bolarque beach, which has the services of any beach, including a yacht club. A visit to the Cueva de las Tortugas (Turtle Cave), only accessible from its waters, is a must. It does not take much imagination to really feel at the beach in this reservoir that has been standing for a century. It had to be in our perfect summer getaways to cool off in Madrid.

Charca de la Nieta, a paradise in Piedralaves

Pond of La Nieta

Pond of La Nieta. | Shutterstock

This natural pool located in the municipality of Pedralaves, in beautiful Ávila, has a great past and numerous present possibilities. It even has a legend: around this place grew a plant known as La Nieta, origin of this name that is enjoyed today. This natural pool is a large pool of water, quite deep, enclosed by a retaining wall that retains the cold waters of the Garganta Nuño Cojo. In the middle of nature, the two pools that actually make up this place are ideal for cooling off on a hot day.

La Boca del Asno, hiking and coolness in Segovia

La Boca del Asno

La Boca del Asno. | Shutterstock

The mountains of Valsaín are worth a visit at any time of the year. When the snow covers them, when autumn floods them with colors or when spring fills them with flowers. In summer it gives us another option: a refreshing swim among birdsong and hiking trails along the Eresma River so appreciated. These mountains were declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. They remain, in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, cared for and looked after. It is almost a mandatory inside the getaways for visitors in Madrid who have the option, because it is worth the walk, the bath and the direct contact with an eternal nature.

Cazalegas reservoir, at the foot of the Sierra de San Vicente

Cazalegas Reservoir

Cazalegas Reservoir. | Shutterstock

The increasingly undeniable maxim that inland there is also a beach is once again true in the north of Castile La Mancha. At the foot of the Sierra de San Vicente is this reservoir classified as a bathing and recreational area, with all the amenities one might need to enjoy a day of disconnection in summer. It is possible to take a canoe, or practice windsurfing, or enjoy horseback riding and mountain bike routes in the surrounding area. In other words: a complete experience which is part of our summer getaways for cooling off in Madrid. As it is obvious, you will not enjoy sand and sea, but the possibilities of the inland beach are many as well. A summer getaway the visitor will never forget.

Entrepeñas reservoir, completing the Sea of Castile

Entrepeñas Reservoir

Entrepeñas Reservoir. | Shutterstock

This Entrepeñas reservoir is located in a backwater of the Tagus River as it passes through Guadalajara, between this province and Cuenca, with Madrid nearby. It completes the Mar de Castilla, offering its visitors the complete inland experience. One of its curiosities is that it has a marina, something practically unheard of when it comes to the Castillas. This exemplifies quite well the numerous possibilities that are also given in this place, which has beach bars and calm waters for all types of visitors. It is one of those places that visitors and the people from Madrid visit every year. Its fame is, in view of what has been seen, deserved. These summer getaways are perfect to take a break from visiting the sometimes overcrowded city of Madrid.

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