Spain’s Rainiest Cities

Some of the rainiest cities in Spain are also among the most beautiful. They have a long list of charms that will make it worth taking out your umbrella and water boots. In some of the rainiest cities in Spain it is better to be under cover when it starts raining, in others it is a constant light rain.

All of them acquire a special atmosphere when it rains, more melancholic and serene. It is the perfect occasion to take advantage of the fact that the streets are emptier or to take refuge for a coffee with the excuse of the rain. If you are one of those who enjoy rain, Spain’s rainiest cities will be on your list of upcoming getaways. If, on the other hand, you are one of those who hates the rain, you know the cities and areas to avoid.

Sierra de Grazalema

Zahara Lake

Although strange at first glance, one of the rainiest areas is in Andalusia, specifically in the area between two provinces, Cádiz and Málaga. Normally when you think of southern Spain an image of sun and beach automatically appears in your mind. However, one of the rainiest places is the Sierra de Grazalema. As it is a mountainous area, the winds from the Atlantic discharge their rain here. Thus, an average of 2,100 mm per year is achieved, reaching 4,000 mm in some years.

Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park includes a total of 14 municipalities. There are nine of them in the province of Cádiz: Ubrique, Zahara de la Sierra, Algodonales, El Bosque, Prado del Rey, El Gastor, Grazalema, Villaluenga del Rosario and Benaocaz. There are five municipalities in the province of Málaga: Ronda, Jimera de Líbar, Montejaque, Benaoján and Cortes de la Frontera.

However, probably the rainiest villages in Spain are in Pontevedra but these are difficult to measure.



The silver is obtained by a place that we do associate with the rain, it could not be any other way than Galicia. Among the rainiest cities in Spain is Vigo. With an average of more than 1,790 mm, the city of Vigo offers enviable natural attractions. Open to the Atlantic, the attractions of the Galician town are several: visit the archipelago of the Cíes Islands, taste its cuisine  or walk around the city , among many others.

If we do not talk about cities, in Galicia the mountain range of O Candán (Sierra del Candán) is the rainiest point, reaching some years the 4.000 mm. Not only does it attract attention because of its landscapes, but it is also a meeting point for lovers of geology, because of the interest that the rocks of this mountain range arouse.



As it could not be otherwise, Galicia is in charge of leading this ranking of the rainiest cities in Spain. Thus, Pontevedra is one of them with an average of more than 1650 mm per year. The city is perfect for a weekend visit combining history, cuisine, culture and beach tourism. Even if you have to wear a waterproof jacket, the Galician atmosphere and landscapes deserve it.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit some of the surrounding wineries, perfect for those who enjoy Albariño and wish to taste the Rias Baixas designation of origin. In turn, Pontevedra is also home to one of the most curious hermitages in Spain, built with shells.

San Sebastián

San Sebastián

In the province of Guipúzcoa is the city of San Sebastián, which holds the title of being the city where it rains most days a year. No more and no less than 180 days of rainfall per year. On average, it has reached more than 1,504 mm per year. This city in the Basque Country, apart from being beautiful, has a very complete programme of festivals, culture and cuisine which, even if it rains, is worth planning a getaway for.

Other of the rainiest areas in Spain are the Sierra de Gredos and the Cantabrian Mountains as well as the villages in the High Pyrenees of Navarre. These towns are not only very humid, but they usually have precipitation in the form of snow during the winter.

*Data from the State Meteorological Agency. 

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