The most irresistible beaches in Gipuzkoa

The summer is approaching and with it comes sunshine, shorts, sandals, beers on the terrace and… the beach! For all those who are planning a getaway to the coast, we have selected the best beaches in Gipuzkoa among the 36 sandy areas in the province.

Zarautz Beach

mejores playas de Gipuzkoa
Playa de Zarautz

The fishing town of Zarautz has one of the best beaches on the Cantabrian coast. Families, surfers and nature lovers alike come at the same time, all of them scattered across the three zones of this beach. Families and bathers frequent the western end; the central part is reserved for surfers, and the dunes at the eastern end serve as a habitat for numerous species of flora and fauna.

Zurriola Beach

mejores playas de Gipuzkoa
Playa de Hondarribia

Among the best beaches in Gipuzkoa, we highly recommend that of the Zurriola. It is a good place to start in the world of surfing or to enjoy practicing. Located in the neighborhood of Sagüés in Donostia, it is the favorite place for young people and surfers from all over the world. Fifteen years ago it was remodeled, and since then it has become an important center for surfing championships and other sports.

Ondarreta Beach

mejores playas de Gipuzkoa
Playa de Ondarreta

Ondarreta Beach is considered to be overshadowed by La Concha beach, despite being one of the best beaches in Gipuzkoa. It’s pretty big and barely has any waves, so this is a good option for bringing kids. In addition, it is not as crowded as the Zurriola beach or La Concha, and inside there is a small playground. The views are just as beautiful: to the Santa Clara Island, to the city…

Itzurun Beach

mejores playas de Gipuzkoa
Playa de Itzurun

The fourth of the best beaches in Gipuzkoa is Itzurun beach. It is located on the coast of Zumaia, an area with very good sand. If we go to this beach, we will have the opportunity to visit Zumaia and its surroundings. In addition, water and sand are beneficial because of their high iodine content.

Hondarribia Beach

mejores playas de Gipuzkoa
Playa de Hondarribia

Hondarribia is known for its spectacular historic center and for its area of bars and grills. If you want to sightsee and then enjoy one of the best beaches in Gipuzkoa, Hondarribia is the ideal destination.

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