Eating in Pontevedra

Eating in Pontevedra

The “old bridge” built during the time of the Romans on the Lérez river gives this Galician capitol its name. Eating in Pontevedra doesn’t just offer seafood, but also cheese and very sweet desserts. The gastronomy has never-ending dishes full of flavor. Additionally, the options for eating in Pontevedra are very extensive. Whether you’re in the mood for some tapas or eating from a more substantial menu, you are in the right place.

Capital of a Galician province, this city stands out for its great range of culinary possibilities. Its closeness to the ocean and the river allows Pontevedra to offer its visitors a broad variety of fish and seafood. Sea bass, salmon, xarda (mackerel), crab, mussels with D.O.P, cuttlefish (sepia) and scallops are all typical. Try the delicious fish stews, a recipe with a long tradition in Galicia.

But this town doesn’t just live off of the ocean, they also enjoy the authentic Galician veal with I.G.P and roasted goat. Also important are the star dishes of the region: empanadas in infinite varieties, the Queso de Tetilla and Pimiento del Herbón, both with D.O.P.; the octopus a feira (a la gallega), and the Lacón con grelos (sausage with greens, both with I.G.P.).

guiso pescado pontevedra
pescado pontevedra
aguardiente pontevedra

Wander the streets and enjoy the local custom of tapas, in which you can taste all of these specialties accompanied by a good wine from the region, like the Albariño, which has D.O. Rías Baixas. At the Festa da Filloa, which has been celebrated for twenty years during the Entroido (carnival) of Pontevedra, you can taste a great cariety of filloas, which are similar to crepes. Other typical sweets are the well-known Tarta de Santiago and Honey of Galicia, both products with I.G.P. Try the Licor de Hierbas and the Brandy of Galicia.

If you prefer going for tapas, in the old town of Pontevedra you’ll find many bars that have a reputation of providing great tapas with drinks, and it’s not uncommon to see groups of friends in the street in front of crowded bars. For eating tapas and smaller portions, we suggest Ponte Tapas, where you’ll be able to eat delicacies like queso de tetilla with marmalade as well as octopus croquettes.

Amongst the many local places to get tapas, La Fuga de Blas will not disappoint you. Also located in the old town, it is the perfect place for having some pinchos and later a copa. We recommend the shrimp, prepared in distinct ways depending on the season.

comer pontevedra pontetapas
comer pontevedra fuga blas
La Fuga de Blas

Between the many places to eat in Pontevedra, we’ll highlight some of the more exclusive. At Eirado da Leña, in the old town, the dining room makes you feel like you’re in your own home; the chef, Iñake Bretal, prepares traditional Galician cuisine with touches of fusion. You have the possibility of trying the tasting menu.

At the restaurant Enxebre Casa do Barón (Parador de Pontevedra), they offer traditional and creative Galician cuisine. We recommend their prawn and greens cake.

In San Salvador de Poio (1.7 km away), you can find the restaurant Casa Solla, winner of a Michelin star, which offers a unique space—dining room and living room, with a view of the kitchen—in an old country house. The chef, Pepe Solla, is a cook by family inheritance who prepares simple food. You can choose between two menus, one short and one long. Our community of travelers says it is spectacular.

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