Medieval villages in Cataluña for time travellers

The Catalan lands hide unique places, countless idyllic corners that deserve to be visited, and moreover, to be lived. Today we make a trip back in time to visit the most medieval Cataluña: 6 medieval villages with a very special charm that will delight every visitor. Let’s travel back in time to the Middle Ages!

Castellfollit de la Roca

Just look at the silhouette of this town. Castelfollit de la Roca will take your breath away. This impressive village located in the volcanic zone of La Garrotxa stands on a basalt cliff with more than 50 metres high, an authentic natural wall. With the distinctive of being one of the towns of Spain with less than a square kilometre extension, it belongs to the legal party of Olot.  Its old town centre is a mandatory stop, but it’s only one of the many reasons why you should visit Castelfollit de la Roca.

Castellfollit de la Roca.

Castellfollit de la Roca. | Shutterstock


A few kilometres from Castelfollit de la Roca we find the fascinating municipality of Besalú that keeps intact the essence of the Middle Ages. You can still access the town by its stone bridge like in past times. Walking along its cobble streets stands out the majestic monastery of San Pedro and the ancient Jewish thermal baths, two charming corners with a long tradition.


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The great beauty of the tiny town of Peratallada is primarly due its perfectly preserved medieval architecture, for it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site. A walk around its wall can be a good start to astonish us with the charm of this small town that does not exceed 500 inhabitants. Its narrow and green streets are perfect to relax and travel back in time.


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We approach Costa Brava to discover Pals, a small medieval village that sits between mountains enhancing its beauty. Strolling through its old town, recently restored, you can marvel at decorative and defensive elements from various eras that manifest the history that the town has witnessed and lived. Do not forget to visit its Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacúatica, where you will learn interesting facts of underwater archaeology. You can find it in one of the most impressive houses of the municipality.


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Located on an impressive limestone rock overlooking the swamp that bears its name lies Siurana, considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in Tarragona. The remains of its fortress are still there, which was the protagonist in the battle between Moors and Christians leaving a multitude of legends to the town. The breathtaking setting is a place of pilgrimage for climbers from all over the world.


Siurana. | Shutterstock


On the banks of the Ebro you will find the wonderful Miravet, whose ancient castle welcomes all its visitors, a building that was headquarters of the Templars and their last resistance. Its mill seems to emerge from the Ebro and it is one of the highlights of the village. but it is certainly the whole town and its environment that will amaze you.


Miravet. | Shutterstock

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