El Forat, a window watching the Mediterranean coastline

Walking through the Bèrnia mountain range, we come across this true jewel of the Mediterranean: El Forat. Or how to look through a natural tunnel and find the best views of the province of Alicante. El Forat is located on the Sierra de Bèrnia route, one of the best known in this area. This tunnel offers views of the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful Altea and the Puig Campana, the second highest peak in the province.

The balcony overlooking the Mediterranean

El Forat

The amazing views from El Forat. | Shutterstock

Between the Marina Alta and Marina Baja is this route through the Sierra de Bèrnia, which starts at Casas de Bèrnia. To discover these views it will be necessary to walk and climb the occasional hill from the starting point. The effort will undoubtedly be worth it. Other points of interest on this route are, for example, the castle of Bèrnia, whose ruins can still be enjoyed, or the Font de Bèrnia, where you can observe a very Mediterranean and arid landscape.

Once at the entrance to El Forat, you can see cave paintings of great value. There are about 20 metres to the exit to the famous balcony, where hikers will have to bring out their more adventurous side. In the first part of the tunnel you have to walk crouching down, almost crawling. Crossing the mountain range, visitors will feel like they are in an Indiana Jones film. The locals know this activity as “passar El Forat” (walking through El Forat).

El Forat

El Forat, in the Serra de Bèrnia. | Shutterstock

The surprise when you emerge from the tunnel leaves no one indifferent. From here, you can see the coast, the surrounding mountain ranges and the small villages of Alicante in the area. Privileged views for anyone who dares to cross the tunnel while observing the geological value of its walls.

Places to discover near El Forat de Bèrnia


Altea with the Sierra de Bèrnia in the background. | Shutterstock

Around it, you will find many points of interest of the Mediterranean coast and the province of Alicante. Altea, one of the most beautiful villages of the Levante can be seen from El Forat. A trip to its beautiful whitewashed streets is a great way to end this excursion in the best possible way. Calpe is also just a short distance away, with the famous Peñón de Ifach, which offers a different type of view of the Mediterranean, but equally impressive.

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