The most beautiful beaches in the province of Valencia

The Valencian province benefits from more than 300 days of annual sunshine and nearly 110 kilometres of coastline. It is little wonder that so many outings take place along its seashore. Along this coast, it is still possible to enjoy nearly pristine beaches along with more bustling urban ones. Sandy beaches, some seemingly endless, lapped by clear, warm waters, make them the perfect destination for a family excursion, or to partake in naturism, or to take a relaxing dip, or even to practice water sports. So, let’s pack our beachwear and take a little tour of the most beautiful beaches that the province of Valencia has to offer.

Valencian beaches to get away from it all

Malvarrosa Beach

Malvarrosa Beach.

Malvarrosa Beach. | Shutterstock

Malvarrosa Beach is the main urban beach in the capital city of Valencia. Located not far from Valencia’s cathedral, the Lonja de la Seda and the City of Arts and Sciences, its one kilometer long and golden sands offer easy accessibility and all the amenities. And like many Valencian beaches, it has deservedly earned the Blue Flag distinction year after year. However, many other magnificent shores can be found near the city as well. And this is just a small part of everything there is to see in Valencia.

Saler Beach, Valencia

Saler Beach.

Saler Beach. | Shutterstock

It is essential to go to the Albufera Natural Park during your visit to Valencia. Bring along swimwear because Saler Beach lies at its heart. Its five kilometres of silky and golden sand where dunes and pine forests stand out turn this place into an oasis for anyone looking to escape the bustling city.

An ideal place to go for a walk and sunbathe, even without a swimsuit, as naturism is allowed at this beach. Additionally, it is a great place to practice water sports and is in fact one of the more popular places for windsurfing and kitesurfing in the Valencian Community.

Devesa Beach, Valencia

Devesa Beach.

Devesa Beach. | Simon Jones (Flickr)

Devesa Beach is said to be the most untamed beach of the Valencian province. However, it is much more than a beautiful postcard. In order to reach the beach, you must travel to the far southern edge of the Albufera Natural Park, where you will discover not only a beach, but a coastal strip where a typical Mediterranean ecosystem is preserved.

It is well worth venturing inland away from the shore to appreciate the enormous expanse of sand dunes, pine trees and brushwood, all home to a variety of indigenous species, in addition to the freshwater lagoons where all types of aquatic birds can be easily observed. One can learn all about the flora and fauna at the park’s information centre. In short, Devesa Beach is not only a wonderful day at the beach, but also a place to fully appreciate what nature has to offer.

Terranova Beach, Oliva

Terranova Beach.

Terranova Beach. | Shutterstock

In Oliva, in the far south of Valencia province, lie some of the best beaches to be found in the entire region. Terranova Beach stands out among them for its kilometre and a half expanse of sand and, as many other beaches, it is protected by dune ridges. A quick look beyond these dunes reveals an area surrounded by the characteristic produce of these lands: orchards, orange groves and some rice paddies. The beach itself is ideal for family outings, offering plenty of space to stretch out, and to even practice water sports, especially when the winds are favourable.

L’Ahuir Beach, Gandía

L’Ahuir Beach.

L’Ahuir Beach. | Shutterstock

Gandía is famous for its Nord Beach. Quite nearby, but away from the crowds of the town centre, lies a virtually virgin beach. L’Ahuir, stretching over three kilometres, is an idyllic setting to escape it all. It is bounded by the azure Mediterranean and dune fields of great ecological value, and can be reached by a wooden walkway that leads to this beach. Its serenity and impressive views complete the picture-perfect scene where you can practice naturism in a tobacco-free environment.

Racó de la Mar Beach, Canet d’en Berenguer

Racó de la Mar Beach.

Racó de la Mar Beach. | Shutterstock

Although an urban shoreline, this beach can easily claim an honourable mention among the most beautiful beaches of the Valencian province. Its extension of over 1.3 kilometres and its breadth of 80 metres offer golden sands and shallow, crystal-clear water, ideal for the youngest visitors. Moreover, the idyllic setting of sandy dunes is irresistibly alluring. Its proximity to the town of Sagunto is an added advantage for those seeking other activities beyond sun and beach during their stay.

Dosel Beach, Cullera

Dosel Beach.

Dosel Beach. | Shutterstock

In Cullera, along its 11 kilometre long coastline, where mountains and sea meet, there is a unique spot where the homonymous lighthouse stands. A semi-urban beach is born at its base and covers less than a kilometre with fine-grain sand and clear waters. This beach still retains a wild feeling due to the heavy waves of windy days, and especially because it is under the protection of one of the most spectacular dunes systems of the province. Additionally, Dosel Beach can be enjoyed with and without a swimsuit.

Arenas or Cabañal Beach, Valencia

Arenas or Cabañal Beach in Valencia.

Arenas or Cabañal Beach in Valencia. | Shutterstock

We come full circle back to the capital city to complete this tour of the most beautiful beaches of Valencia province. And we return to a beach that may be easily recognisable, though never visited before. Why? Because it is the site of some of Joaquín Sorolla’s most famous paintings.

Although the splendid light which inspired the painter may not have changed much, the beach itself certainly has. Today, it is one of the most popular destinations for Valencians due to its ample size, the amenities on offer, and the old fishermen’s quarter, where ceramic-tiled façades still preserve its charm. Actually, it is a great place to have fun in the lively entertainment venues or to enjoy the local cuisine at its restaurants.

There are still many lovely beaches worth mentioning. These beaches are similar to the ones covered here, with Blue Flag status and all the amenities needed to ensure the enjoyment and safety of beach-goers. The beaches of Pinedo, Tavernes de la Valldigna, Patacona and Perrelló are all worthy of recognition. And there are still plenty more worth visiting in this province so richly endowed by coastline. In short, the best advice is to grab your beachwear and set out to discover for yourself the stunning beaches of the province of Valencia.

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