5 Forests to Get Lost in Autumn

Autumn is here and its characteristic colours are starting to draw dream prints in the Spanish forests. Many Natural Parks become the perfect place to get lost in nature and spend the day away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Today we want to show you our 5 favourite forests for the fall season:

Irati Forest

Known for being one of the biggest European forests, the Irati Forest can be visited all year long but it is in autumn when its natural beauty stands out the most. There are numerous paths to be walked or followed by bike and that are suitable for all ages. One of them starts in Ochagavia and arrives to the hermitage Virgen de las nieves. An exceptional setting.

Irati Forest

Fragas do Eume

With less than 500 habitants, Fragas Do Eume is considered to be one of the best preserved atlantic forests in the world. The best way to discover this area is by feet.  Legends tell that there are little goblins that follow and protect you when you are in the middle of its foliage. In the heart of the forest you will find the Caaveiro Monastery, an old cenobium that has been there for more than 10 centuries.


Fragas Do Eume

Urbion Mountains

Located at the northeast of Soria we find this stunning Natural Park that shelters some of the most valuable species of the Iberic fauna such as wolfs, golden eagles, griffon vultures and wildcats. At the epicenter of the mountain we find the famous Black Lagoon, a place full of legends that in autumn is a real spectacle of contrasts between the ocher colours and the darkness of its waters.


Black Lagoon

Garajonay Natural Park

We go to La Gomera to impress you with its laurisilva forest, an exclussive ecosystem which,  dissapeared from the continent during the quaternary extinction. When we get to the inside we can find fern and moss in between climbing plants that will give you the feeling of being inside a tropical jungle. There are different paths to be followed with different degrees of difficulty so there are no excuses not to go.


Parque Nacional de Garajonay

La Garrotxa

We end up in Girona to get closser to the best volcanic area in the peninsula and its autumn charming atmosphere. It has more than 25 paths than can be easily followed thanks to their signals. Going for a walk in beech forest that is inside the Natural Park near the Santa Margarida volcano is such a pleasant experience that you’ll want to repeat.


La Garrotxa

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