Eating in Ochagavía

Eating in Ochagavía

You will find many products and local recipes in the municipality of Ochagavía. If you like the traditional dish migas de pastor, this is the right place to have one. Are you coming with us?

Ochagavía is a small and charming village of the region of the Salazar valley. Its gastronomy is based on the typical cuisine from the Pyrenees of Navarra. The meat, specially the calf and the lamb, is the main pillar to the gastronomy of Ochagavía- Delicious dishes such as the ox large steak and other pieces such as the sirloin and entrecôte are very popular when eating in here. The lechal lamb is eaten roasted or grilled al chilindrón style, with peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables from the local vegetable gardens.

The Zatoia river is a source of products, such as the trout, which is usually stuffed with ham. When it is the mushroom season, the menus of the restaurants start to offer these products which grow in the close forests. The migas de pastor are connected to the traditional lifestyle of the valley and are other gastronomic speacialty to eat in Ochagavía, where you will also be able to find cheese that is locally produced. A visit to Ochagavía will not be complete until you explore the territory of the Jungle of Irati.

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There are no tapas bars in the region. But don’t panic! Check our “A la carte” section and find some other recommendations.

There are many varied and quality options of places to eat in Ochagavía. The restaurant Orialde is one of them. It prepares a traditional cuisine that follows the essence of the Pyrenees and is made with autochthonous ingredients. It has many options to choose from, such as their ecological menu, made with products from its own ranching.

Kikixia is a cider bar that has the large steak as its specialty, apart from other grilled meats. The offer is completed with a broad menu os specialties from Navarra and a good selection of wines from different denominations.

The hotel Auñamendi has a good restaurant and is one of the trending places to eat while in Ochagavía. Its cuisine has a strong autochthonous essence. The restaurant also has many different menus, for the weekdays and the weekends, apart from one for special occasions and other options for big groups.

comer ochagavia restaurante kikixia
Restaurante Kikixia
comer ochagavia restaurante orialde
Restaurante Orialde

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