Perfect hiking routes to do in one day and enjoy nature

Nature, fresh air, and physical activity: what more could you need in a short hiking route? In Spain there are thousands of trails that can be done in one day which feature charming landscapes along the way. This is also a good option for a family activity. Some of the short hiking routes that we will tell you about are perfect to do with kids, while others are not. Fascinating Spain has already written another post about hiking routes, and we hope you like this post just as much.

Montserrat Trail to San Jerónimo Viewpoint, Barcelona

The Montserrat trail is 7 kilometers up to the peak of the mountain, which is 1,236 meters high. There are two ways to go up: by San Miquel Shrine, or you can take the Sant Joan Funicular. The trail is not especially difficult and does not have a steep incline. Throughout the hike you’ll be able to see Santa María Stream. At several stages of the route there are concrete stairs instead of a trail.

rutas para hacer en un día

You’ll get your reward at the end of the trail, where you can take in a 360º view of the landscape.

Descent of the Barranco de Masca, Tenerife

This trail on our list of short hiking routes consists of a little under 9 kilometers. It begins at La Inmaculada Concepción Church at an altitude of 600 meters. It takes approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes to get to the edge of the cliff.

Along this path you can stop in an Asset of Cultural and Historical Interest: the town of Masca. But this isn’t the only thing there is to see. You’ll have the privilege of going to La Masca Beach and walking over a beautiful wooden bridge. When you finish, take advantage of the boat that will take you back.

El Torcal-Yellow Trail, Antequera

The Yellow Trail is one of the most impressive short hiking trails that there is. Declared a Site of National Interest in 1929, it is one of the greatest examples of karst (a type of geological formation) in all of Europe. Its rare and unique formations, including caverns and dolines, make it a natural treasure.

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El Torcal Natural Park site | Shutterstock

One of the points of interest along this trail is Hoyo de las Ventanillas. There are also formations with names like el Dromedario (“the Dromedary”), el Dragón (“the Dragon”), and el Burladero. After making your way through labyrinths and narrow passages, you’ll reach Las Ventanillas Viewpoint, which will make the 3-kilometer walk worth your while.

Perimeter Trail in Las Médulas, León

Las Médulas is always a good choice. We especially recommend it for families. One of the most popular routes to do in one day, the ‘Senda Perimetral‘ is 5 kilometers long. The path is made of concrete so it can be traveled by car, horse, or foot.

Rutas cortas de senderismo en Las Médulas

We recommend doing this trail together with Reirigo-Valiñas Trail. You’re sure to be amazed by the incredible mountainous landscape with reddish-brown sand, caves, and spectacular views.

Monasterio de Piedra Trail, Aragon

100 kilometers from Zaragoza you’ll find one of the most incredible hiking trails. This path in the middle of nature is also suitable for children. It’s 7 kilometers full of waterfalls, forests and magical places.

rutas cortas de senderismo

Some of the treasures that you’ll be able to see in Monasterio de Piedra Natural Park are Trinidad Waterfall, the scenic viewpoint of La Caprichosa Waterfall, and Iris Grotto. At the end of the trail you’ll reach crystal-clear Espejo Lake.

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