Getaways to get the best of Spain in September

Sometimes it feels like the end of August marks the end of the world, as if the first of September was not as warm as the 31st of August. It is true that most people work in September, hence they have to return to their jobs, and students must come back to the classrooms too. However, the weather still feels really nice, holidays are not necessarily over and this is the best time to enjoy a trip through Spain.

Although there are slight seasonal changes, such as milder temperatures and shorter days, more and more tourists choose to travel this time of the year. The chance of walking in solitude through those idyllic corners that used to be extremely crowded just some days ago, of diving into popular festivities or taking part in cultural events—these are some of the advantages of travelling in September.

Trips to enjoy Spain in September

A time of ‘bonanza’ on the island of the wind

The beach of Cofete in Fuerteventura.

The beach of Cofete in Fuerteventura. | Shutterstock

The islands, particularly Islas Canarias, are among the most popular destinations in September. This is probably due to a lower demand, and for its time of calm and bonanza. That is, the time where the trade winds are least intense, the ocean becomes calmer, and the water reaches its highest temperature throughout the year.

The weeks before autumn are excellent for enjoying the wild beauty of the beaches of the island of the wind —what is to say, of Fuerteventura. It might not be the best time to surf, but many people like it better in September. Anyways, it is great to relax on the sand and walk through spectacular beaches like Cofete, Corralejo or Barlovento.

Celebrating the grape harvests in Logroño

A vineyard on the outskirts of Logroño.

A vineyard on the outskirts of Logroño. | Shutterstock

In many parts of Spain, especially in the north, September is a time of grape harvest. And, of course, a time of celebration. The grape harvest festival in Logroño is one of the most remarkable festivities on this matter—and the perfect pretext to explore the city too. Apart from taking part in grape-harvest-related events, we should walk through the Laurel street, full of taverns where one might want to taste the excellent wines of this land.

Naturally, there are other plans to enjoy such a special harvesting season. And not only in Logroño. Visiting La Rioja in September—or in any other time of the year, really—means to find endless vineyards, renowned wineries, and medieval villages that will surely bewitch us.

Galicia is trending

Rías Baixas.

Rías Baixas. | Shutterstock

There is no doubt that Galicia is currently a popular destination. Summer after summer, it beats all records regarding the number of visitors it welcomes. On one side, we have the pilgrims arriving at Santiago after a long journey. On another, there are those who simply seek enjoying the beauty of Galician landscapes and its gastronomy.

The Rías Baixas are definitely a must-see in the autonomous community. They spread between Finisterre cape and the Lugo estuary, and they provide a wide range of great plans for a late summer getaway. It is still a good time for surfing on the beach of La Lanzada or walking through the route of Los Molinos de Samiera. It would also be a good idea to discover charming villages like Combarro or watching the sunset from Home cape.

September is also a good month to admire the beauty of the Cíes Islands, or for visiting the island of Oms without having to worry about capacity or access controls.

It is always a good time for visiting Asturias

Church of San Pedro.

Church of San Pedro, the oldest in Gijón. | Shutterstock

When autumn is around the corner, the charm of Asturias gets more powerful than ever. These are the key weeks for enjoying almost in solitude such beautiful places as the Covadonga lakes, as well as walking leisurely through the Cares route or admiring the delicate nuances of the change of season in the forests of Muniellos or Taramundi. We are also on time to visit its lovely beaches, either to go for a stroll or to venture into the water.

September hosts plenty of important festivities too, such as the day of Asturias, the festivals of Oviedo or the Noche Blanca in Gijón. The latter is an initiative where art galleries and cultural centres unite to open their doors to everyone. A different and charming way of getting to know the city.

Altea gets dressed in medieval clothing


Altea. | Shutterstock

It would be nice to say farewell to summer by enjoying one last visit to the beach before the cold strikes. Alicante, much emptier than in summertime, is the perfect destination for a September trip. However, there are plenty of reasons to visit the Valencian Community this time of the year. For example, it would be nice to attend the Moros y Cristianos (‘Moorish and Christian’) festivals taking place in some municipalities such as Altea or Villena.

In Altea, the Moros y Cristianos festival overlaps with the patronal feasts held at the end of September. This way, the festive atmosphere transforms the streets of one of the most charming municipalities on the Mediterranean coast, the best way of mixing fun with tourism.

Donostia-San Sebastián, city of films

Donostia-San Sebastián.

Donostia-San Sebastián. | Shutterstock

Elegant Donostia becomes even more glamourous when September comes. The San Sebastián International Film Festival spreads its red carpets every year at the end of summer to welcome the most notorious figures and productions of the film industry. Therefore, this is a most interesting time to watch quality films and attend any of the interesting events the festival hosts.

Naturally, the permanent activities one can enjoy in the city, such as walking through the old town or along the gorgeous beach of La Concha, are still available and never disappoint us. And while doing so, the traveller might get lucky enough and run into one of their favourite actors or directors.

If our trip does not share its date with the San Sebastián International Film Festival, we might check out another important celebration marked in red on the calendar of Donostia: Euskal Jaiak. This is the perfect occasion for diving into the Basque culture. Trainera races in the bay of La Concha, music and folklore exhibitions, and bites of Basque gastronomy are some of the gifts this festivity provides.

Dancing flamenco in Sevilla


Sevilla. | Shutterstock

There is no doubt that Sevilla is an incredible city with many things to offer. It is worth visiting just for the chance of letting oneself get drawn by the magic of the neighbourhoods of Santa Cruz or Triana, as well as admiring its cathedral and the beauty of the Royal Alcázars of Seville. Nevertheless, the boiling heat that strikes Sevilla in July and August sometimes makes it a bit difficult to enjoy.

For that very reason, September is the perfect month for travelling to the capital of Andalucía. Not only to visit it, since we can both figuratively and literally feel its beats, considering the festival known as Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla lasts for almost the whole month, and it attracts the most important flamenco artists once every two years. Bailaores, cantaores and flamenco musicians showcase their art through shows and exhibitions that render Seville on of the best destinations to enjoy in September.

Having a good time in the patronal feasts of Barcelona

La Mercè in Barcelona.

La Mercè in Barcelona. | Shutterstock

Barcelona has a tight schedule in September too. Although always elegant and cosmopolitan, the city gets dressed in bright colours and its streets are seized by hubbub. September hosts the feasts of the neighbourhoods of Horta, Poblenou or La Barceloneta, which say goodbye to the summer in style. However, perhaps the most remarkable feasts are the ones held in La Mercè, which celebrate the patron of the city.

Hence, September is the best month to dive into the traditions of the city of Barcelona, enjoying its typical castellers, the correfocs, the traditional dances and outdoor theatre plays, among many other activities. Of course, now we are here we can also explore the city of modernism, its Sagrada Familia and the Park Güell.

Madrid and its cultural reset


Madrid. | Shutterstock

September is a great time to visit Madrid as well. Its permanent cultural activities are joined by the first theatre premieres or events such as the inauguration of the Madrid Gallery Weekend.

The list of events taking place throughout the month is pretty long. These are some suggestions: Madrid Top Week to admire the city from the most emblematic rooftop terraces; the Tapa Tour hotel for food lovers; and WAH Madrid for those who like to enjoy different gastronomical experiences. Of course, there are many other touristic spots ready to welcome us with open hands.

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