Five Impressive Roman Sites in Andalusia

Andalusia is known for a lot of artistic and patrimonial richness thanks to the melting pot of cultures that have lived in this region over the centuries. One of the splendorous time periods was during the Roman Empire, when Andalusia was known as the Bética, one of the many provinces that the Roman Empire had conquered around the world. We can still find traces of the grandeur of those times, and therefore today we want to bring you five mesmerizing Roman sites that we can find on Andalusia.

Acinipo in Ronda (Málaga)

21 km away from Ronda we can find this impressive Roman site, known to be one of Andalusia’s most important sites. Among the remains of this ancient city, the theatre built in 1st century B.C. stands out, but the remains of its hot springs and several Roman houses are also visible. Unfortunately it does not have a conditioned structure for tourists, but it is definitely worth visiting.

Yacimientos romanos de andalucía
Acinipo en Ronda (Málaga)

Baelo Claudia in Tarifa (Cádiz)

More well-known than the previous site and in line with the wonderful beach of Bologna, we have this spectacular archaeological complex. There are still several elements that are very representative of the urbanism of the period like the square, the theatre and the necropolis. It is interesting to visit the museum which, created in 2007,  offers ample information about the old city.

Yacimientos romanos de andalucía
Baelo Claudia en Tarifa (Cádiz)

Roman Baths of the Hedionda in Casares (Málaga)

The healthy properties of these waters were used by the Romans, and we are not surprised, since they are rich in iron and sulfur. The original building of these baths began with the Romans, but later it was the Arabs who touched-up and maintained the structure. Thanks to their preservation, the buildings still exist today. They say even Julius Caesar bathed in these waters, which you too can do since the Roman baths are currently considered a cultural attraction and remains open to the public.

Yacimientos romanos en andalucía
Baños Romanos de la Hedionda en Casares (Málaga)

Itálica (Sevilla)

What to say about this impressive site? We have dedicated a whole page that you read about in Spanish here . It is located in Santiponce, very close to Sevilla, and it is still in the process of being researched and dug out. It should be noted that important theatrical events are still taking place here.

Yacimientos romanos de andalucía
Itálica (Sevilla)

The Roman Theatre of Málaga

It dates back to the 1st century and can be found in the heart of the beautiful capital of Málaga, at the foot of its impressive citadel. It was discovered in 1951 and they had to demolish some of the buildings to complete the archaeological excavations. Interestingly enough, the Arabs used it as a quarry to build the fortress and you can see the remains of columns inside.

Yacimientos romanos de andalucía
Teatro Romano de Málaga

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