The best coastal towns with beautiful beaches in Spain

Everybody knows that Spain is full of beautiful towns and villages. Some of them can be found on top of a mountain, others lie inland and others rest peacefully on the Spanish coast. Today we will discover some of the best coastal towns with beautiful beaches in Spain, which keep irresistible beaches to fall in love with. Let’s explore these hidden gems next to the Mediterranean, the Cantabrian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, perfect for swimming or sunbathing when the weather is warm, and to calmly walk through them on colder days.

11 coastal towns with beautiful beaches in Spain

Calella de Palafrugell (Girona)

Calella de Palafrugell

Calella de Palafrugell. | Shutterstock

The province of Girona is home to Calella de Palafrugell, one of the most beautiful coastal towns of Spain. We can still sense its fishing tradition in its narrow streets, whitewashed houses and seafaring atmosphere.

Besides, Calella de Palafrugell holds some lovely coves with crystalline waters where we can enjoy the Mediterranean warmth. There is also the beach of Port Bo, stained with colourful boats that are scattered over the water and the sand, or the popular Camino de Ronda, where we can enjoy a lovely hiking route after tasting a dish of rice, seafood or fresh fish in Calella.

Llanes (Asturias)

Llanes, Asturias

Llanes, Asturias. | Shutterstock

The province of Asturias holds Llanes, a beautiful medieval town with a remarkable architecture of American influence, as well as a fascinating harbour. Not only that: Llanes is also home to some of the most stunning beaches in Spain, like the beach of Puerto Chicu or Toró. The 13th century walls and the basilica, which was built between the 13th and 15th century, are also worth visiting.

Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa)


Hondarribia. | Shutterstock

We cannot leave Hondarribia out of this list either. It does have a beach and some charming coves, but it is mostly the beauty of its streets which attracts many travellers every year.

Resting on the bay of Txingudi, Hondarribia is a picturesque town where red, blue, white and green strokes paint the typical Basque houses. Among its many tourist attractions, the walled old town and the old fishing quarter stand out.

Santanyí (Mallorca)


Santanyí. | Shutterstock

We will find the next coastal gem in the Balearic Islands, more specifically in Mallorca. Apart from the amazing harbour of Cala Figuera, Santanyí holds one of the few fishing harbours to the south of the island. We should mention the paradisiacal coves and countless art galleries and ateliers that attract many international artists every year.

Mogán (Gran Canaria)

Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán. | Shutterstock

Another example of a beautiful coastal town can be found in the province of Las Palmas, in Gran Canaria. It is worth mentioning the harbour of Mogán, a lovely fishing quarter with whitewashed houses, full of colourful details and floral ornaments. Apart from that, it is surrounded by channels where many boats linger peacefully. This is why it is called the Venice of Gran Canaria.

In Mogán we can also find endless kilometres of beaches with white sand and turquoise waters. These natural sceneries are perfect for enjoying the nice weather caressing the island all year long.

Mojácar (Almería)


Mojácar. | Shutterstock

Apart from being one of those Andalusian gems with a beautiful coast to sunbathe and go for a swim, Mojácar also stands out for its old town. It is a maze of narrow streets, full of whitewashed houses and flowers. However, if there is something that makes Mojácar special, it is the Indalo: a series of figurines we can find on several doors and gates. But why, you might think? Well, these magical totems are thought to protect the houses in Mojácar.

Garachico (Tenerife)

Garachico, a beautiful coastal town in Tenerife

Garachico. | Shutterstock

Garachico is a coastal town in Tenerife that has survived different natural disasters. It is currently a protected area where we can discover interesting monuments like the church of Santa Ana or the convent of San Francisco. Nevertheless, the main tourist attractions in this beautiful coastal town are its stunning beaches and the natural pools of El Caletón.

Nerja (Málaga)

Nerja, one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Spain

Nerja. | Shutterstock

Nerja is probably one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. It is definitely one of the places that those visiting the province of Málaga like the most. Beyond its charming coves, Nerja hides a series of fascinating caves, one of which keeps a 33-metre-long stalactite. Another remarkable tourist attraction in Nerja is the balcony of Europe, offering the travellers unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Miengo (Cantabria)

One of the beaches in Miengo

One of the beaches in Miengo. | Shutterstock

The last item on this list is Miengo, a municipality of Cantabria that lies really close to Santander. Its main tourist attractions are five stunning beaches, which attract many travellers every year. A visit to Miengo must include walking along the beaches of Usgo, Cuchía, Robayera and Usil, dreamy sceneries that make Miengo one of the best coastal towns with beautiful beaches in Spain.

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