5 thrilling trips to live Spain in February

Since February separates Christmas from Holy Week, it is the perfect time to take a breath and enjoy a short getaway. These are weeks of snowy weather, festivities, and traditions. Finding a destination to spend these days at that suits your taste and stays within your budget is an easy task. Let’s take a look at some of them!

The best getaways for an extraordinary February

5. A foretaste of spring

Cieza during flowering time.

Cieza during flowering time. | Shutterstock

When the last days of February are crossed on the calendar, many places in Spain begin to fill with colour. The lethargic fruit orchards come back to life and paint the crops white and every shade of pink one can think about. Almonds, peaches, plum trees, and apricot trees dress their best attire to welcome a unique spectacle, an ephemeral carpet that covers an infinite landscape. This is the flowering season of Cieza, in the Region of Murcia, a splash of colour that only lasts for a few weeks and is celebrated with all types of activities.

Cierza is a great idea, but there are many other corners that offer the chromatic show of flowering in February. For instance, Aitona, in Lérida, is known for its peach blossoms. Meanwhile, the white of almonds covers the landscapes of Valle de Pop in Alicante and Guaro in Málaga.

Each of these destinations is a fascinating getaway to enjoy a warmer February, at least for the heart. But you should remember to keep track of the calendar because it is the weather that sets the start of flowering time. Take your time to explore these natural areas, and don’t forget to charge your phone or camera.

4. Teruel, the most romantic getaway


Teruel. | Shutterstock

The month of February is meant for love, and Teruel is the perfect choice for a romantic getaway. In the end, this city is known for its lovers, who are remembered every February. The tragic story of these lovers, who promised each other eternal love but couldn’t live to see it, is represented every year in Teruel.

This month, Teruel goes back in time to the Middle Ages to recreate the tragic love story of Isabel de Segura and Juan Diego de Marcilla, as well as other historical events of the era. Exhibitions, music, parades, and a medieval market are only a few of the attractions that allow visitors to dive into a story that keeps moving hearts today.

Besides enjoying these festivities and visiting the sepulchre of the lovers of Teruel, you should also explore the elegant and picturesque Mudéjar architecture, which is also a World Heritage Site. If you still have some time left, take the opportunity to visit nearby localities, such as Albarracín or Mora de Rubielos.

3. The most entertaining February: Carnaval

Carnaval of Tenerife, 2023.

Carnaval of Tenerife, 2023. | Shutterstock

Some years, the Carnaval (or Carnival) is celebrated in February. It’s the perfect excuse to forget about daily chores, prepare your costume, and enjoy an entertaining and unforgettable journey. The most renowned Carnaval celebrations are held in Tenerife, Cádiz, Badajoz, and Águilas, but there are many others that are worth a mention too.

Xinzo de Limia, in Ourense, celebrates one of the most interesting Carnival festivities for many reasons. First of all, it is Spain’s longest Carnaval, since it starts three weeks before the other celebrations in Spain. This means greater flexibility to plan this getaway.

Another reason that makes it so special is its very singular costume: the Pantallas. They wear all-white outfits, a black or red cloak, and black spats. The look is finished with peculiar masks, a belt of bells, and yellow balloons, which aren’t actually balloons. The truth is that they are cow bladders that make noise and are used to scare those clueless people who aren’t wearing any costumes. So you better bring one with you if you’re planning to enjoy this Fiesta de Interés Nacional.

2. An outdoor thermal bath in the winter

Arnedillo thermal baths.

Arnedillo thermal baths. | Shutterstock

There is a very different way to escape February’s cold weather. You don’t have to go to a warmer destination, such as the coast of Andalucía or the Islas Canarias, which are always a good idea. There are many possibilities to relax in the heart of Spain: the thermal baths, tiny paradises that are usually surrounded by natural landscapes of great beauty.

Arnedillo is one of those places, and it sits in La Rioja. Its waters reach 51 ºC, but the temperature at the three natural pools by the Cidacos River stays between 35 and 40 ºC. A very pleasurable bath, especially when you realise that the outdoor temperature remains under 10 ºC most of the time in February. And here is the best part: the entry is free, so it’s a great plan if you’re on a budget.

The thermal complex of Muiño das Veigas in Ourense is free as well, a place that was popular among the Romans. On the other side of the peninsula, you will find the natural pools of Fontcalda, in Tarragona.

1. Walking in the snow, a magical experience

O Cebreiro.

O Cebreiro. | Shutterstock

This last destination is perfect for diving into the true winter. In February, a layer of snow covers a wide range of landscapes, such as the Sierra de los Ancares between Lugo and León. In this moment, its villages show their coldest side but also their most idyllic faces. It is also the best moment to understand the singular architecture of the pallozas: thick and closed stone walls, conical covers, and wooden and thatched roofs that protect the interior from the extremely cold temperatures.

If you aren’t afraid of the cold and look forward to enjoying these frozen landscapes, you should explore the charming villages of O Cebreiro and Piornedo and the Bierzo area. A tasty cocido maragato and the delicious botillo, which has its own festivity in Bembibre on the 18th of February, are perfect to warm you up.

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