Fascinating Alicante: its most beautiful villages

Beyond beach tourism, Alicante has proven to be a region of great beauty. And is that along this province of the Valencian Community are not only some of the most beautiful villages of Alicante, but of the entire peninsula.

Whether touching the Mediterranean Sea or inland, each of them has some detail or peculiarity that makes them special. Because once you know the most beautiful villages of Alicante, it is inevitable that the desire to visit them all increases.


Altea alicante

Altea. | Shutterstock

Also known as the pearl of the Costa Blanca, the town of Altea combines with great subtlety the sun and beach tourism with many interesting cultural activities. Strolling through its cobbled streets, with large staircases and white houses is a pleasure for the eyes.

You can walk along the beautiful promenade, visit places as curious as the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel or all the art found in the Schlotter Foundation. Not to mention the 8 kilometers of paradisiacal beaches.



Denia. | Shutterstock

Another town bathed by the Mediterranean Sea: Denia, which stands out both for its historic center and its castle. The first, maritime style, offers beautiful walks splashed with local stores and a maritime atmosphere.

On the other hand, the castle of Muslim origin offers fabulous views of the entire town, as well as inviting to perform different hiking trails. For example, one of the most interesting is the one that goes to the Montgó Park.


Calpe alicante

Calpe. | Shutterstock

Without moving away from the coast, Calpe is one of those Alicante villages recognizable from a distance. The Peñón de Ifach is visible from every corner of the town, besides being one of the smallest natural parks in Spain. From the top you can enjoy an impressive panoramic view.

In addition to the rock, the festive atmosphere and the beaches, in Calpe you can also make cultural visits as interesting as the Baños de la Reina de Alicante, a peculiar aquatic Roman ruins, and the Red Wall, a building with an amazing architecture.



Javea. | Shutterstock

Jávea has the most beautiful corners of the coast of Alicante. With crystal clear water, the beaches and coves invite you to do all kinds of active tourism, such as kayaking or paddle surfing. The beauty of Jávea has been an inspiration for many artists, as can be seen in the painting Elena on the rocks of Jávea, by Joaquín Sorolla. A stroll through its streets in summer, with white walls and decorated with a large number of plants, explain why the genius portrayed by this painter.



Moraira. | Shutterstock

Located between Calpe and Jávea, Moraira is able to shine by itself. And it is one of the best towns in Alicante to spend the summer, with fabulous beaches and tasty gastronomy.

This fishing village stands out for its coastal neighborhood, with pristine white houses, in addition to the fort that has protected for nearly 300 years from pirate attacks. In the surrounding area there are very interesting hiking trails.


Castalla alicante

Castalla. | Shutterstock

An inland town that surprises thanks to the spectacular castle that crowns a hill 780 meters above sea level. Castalla expands around it, offering streets and places as beautiful as endearing. The castle, of Islamic origin and dating its construction date in the 11th century, offers incredible views not only of the town itself, but of all the surrounding land. It also has other points of religious interest, such as churches, convents and hermitages.


Biar alicante

Biar. | Shutterstock

Similar to the previous one, the town of Biar has grown around a fortification, making it look like a spiral. From the top of this Arab building you can appreciate how well maintained the medieval architecture of the village is, such as its stone houses. Also, very close to Biar is the old pointed aqueduct, built in the 15th century and with a marked Gothic style, which is integrated into the tourist route of the Camino del Cid.



Guadalest. | Shutterstock

One of the most complete villages to visit in Alicante is Guadalest, as it perfectly combines nature and culture. To begin with, it is located in the mountains of Alicante, with several roads and trails ideal for getting lost. It has a castle of Arab origin, as well as the restored tower of the Alcozaiba. Another highlight of Guadalest are its museums, with some as curious as the microminiatures or salt and pepper shakers.



Villena. | Shutterstock

Another charming town is Villena, with a magnificent example thanks to its Castillo de la Atalaya. And is that the province of Alicante is full of fortifications. Very well preserved, it was built in the 11th century and is one of the key landmarks on the well-known route of the castles of Alicante.

Among its rural alleys, always in the shadow of this wonderful medieval construction, you can enjoy places as interesting as the Archaeological Museum José María Soler, with one of the most important prehistoric treasures in Europe.



Tabarca. | Shutterstock

Being the island of Tabarca the only inhabited island in the entire province of Alicante, it is one of the smallest and most curious villages. Even so, Tabarca is steeped in history, despite barely having a handful of streets. It is a marine paradise, as it is surrounded by the Tabarca Natural Park: 1,754 hectares of crystalline waters that invite you to explore its waters through the different guided excursions.

Polop de la Marina

Polop de la Marina alicante

Polop de la Marina. | Shutterstock

This village has passed, for the moment, quite unnoticed for tourism, but it is one of the most beautiful in Alicante. It also has a very rich history. Polop de la Marina is one of the most picturesque villages of the Costa Blanca, pure Mediterranean essence. Its cobbled streets and especially its castle, an imposing fortress that has seen all kinds of battles since the time of the Iberians, give a good account of the past of the place. Visiting it when spring comes, in addition, will allow you to discover a beautiful flowering of almond trees. An impressive town if ever there was one.

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