7 places to enjoy flowering in Spain

With the arrival of spring, the good weather arrives and we enjoy more daylight hours. We feel like going out again, or if you already used to do it, extending our daily walks. Weekends are an opportunity to discover places where you can enjoy nature more than ever. Flowering also arrives, covering the valleys and fields of Spain, adding value to all of the above. Flowers are born and colours flood the country. There are places that, in this context, seem to be straight out of a fairy tale, an unreal postcard that, however, is as real as the winter that is beginning to be left behind.

The unexpected Quinta de los Molinos Park, Madrid

Almond trees are the essence of Quinta de los Molinos

Almond trees are the essence of Quinta de los Molinos. | Shutterstock

It is perhaps unexpected to find something like this in Madrid’s endless Calle de Alcalá. Quinta de los Molinos Park, like hundreds of parks throughout Spain, is filled with the beauty of almond blossom between February and March. As well as a walk that is free from all ills, this park has a clearly marked cultural character. It also has a history that is worth discovering, getting to know and enjoying.

Brihuega or the power of lavender, Guadalajara

Fields of Lavender in Brihuega

Fields of Lavender in Brihuega | Shutterstock

Lavender is magical and is capable of hypnotising anyone around it. Not only because of its characteristic, pleasant and enveloping smell, but also because of the images it creates thanks to its spectacular colour. The lavender fields of Brihuega, which bloom between March and April, have nothing to envy to the famous postcards that arrive every year from the French neighbours of Provence.

The marvel of the peach trees of Cieza, Murcia

Cieza and its peach trees in bloom, something out of this world. | Shutterstock

A spectacle for the senses. We are less used to admiring the smell and sight of peach trees in bloom, and Cieza makes it easy to enjoy the experience. This municipality in Murcia, located in the Vega Alta del Segura region, offers beautiful images dominated by pink every year. But this pink also joins the green and yellow of the surrounding fields, the great mountains of the area and the usual blue of the sky.

The calm Caderechas Valley, Burgos

The cherry blossom trees in the valley of Calderechas. | Shutterstock

Traditional villages that preserve their traditional architecture, a gastronomy that will delight all travellers, a valley where you will feel peace, that’s what you’ll find when you land in this corner of Burgos. Northern Spain has a lot to say in spring. The Caderechas Valley turns white with cherry blossom, it tastes of reinette apples, mixed with the scent of cherries and the pine forests of the area.

You will discover the great colour of Aitona, Lérida

Aitona and the peach blossom | Shutterstock

Almost on the border with Aragon lies this small municipality of barely 2,000 inhabitants, which nevertheless appears to be another of those infinite corners. The blossoming peach orchard that characterises the place offers an infinite landscape. It fills the visitor’s eyes with an intense pink that blends with the other typical colours of this beautiful region of Lérida.

Nature in its purest form in the Guadalest Valley, Alicante

Guadalest Valley and its almond trees. | Shutterstock

Guadalest is one of the most impressive villages in the Spanish geography, and it is also the right place to be when spring arrives. The whole valley is dyed white when the almond blossom typical of the area is in bloom, and discovering the trails around them is a thoroughly satisfying experience. You cannot leave this beautiful place without also understanding the importance of this lively little town.

The well-deserved fame or the Jerte Valley, Extremadura

Cherry trees in the Jerte Valley. | Shutterstock

As the popular saying goes, some do all the work and others take the credit , and on many occasions it is easy to identify with this expression. However, it cannot be applied to the Jerte Valley. When one thinks of the flowering season, in spring, one almost immediately imagines this corner of Extremadura which is full of visitors during these beautiful months. This fame is fully deserved. Perhaps you cannot understand it if you have not walked over these lands, but once you do, you always want to come back because the Jerte Valley is a marvellous place.

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