2023 Michelin Guide: the newest stars and restaurants in Spain

The 2023 Michelin Guide has already been released. It happened during the award ceremony held on Novembrer 22, where they announced the restaurants that will be on the spotlight in the months to come. Lately, having one, two or three Michelin stars has meant that a restaurant stands out for its excellent cuisine. This guide was born in the 20th century, more precisely in 1900, as a way to aid car drivers on their journeys. It has not stopped growing since, becoming a world reference in gastronomy. Hence, food lovers cannot miss this renowned list. These are the Spanish restaurants that have been rewarded by the 2023 Michelin Guide.

New stars and restaurants in Spain that conquered the 2023 Michelin Guide

Spanish restaurants with a new Michelin star

Panoramic view of Barcelona

Barcelona is a great place to enjoy gastronomy. | Shutterstock

Barcelona is the city with most new restaurants winning a Michelin star: Aleia, COME by Paco Méndez, Enigma, Mont Bar and Slow & Low. Next up we have Madrid, with three of them: RavioXO, Ugo Chan and Zuara Sushi. We will also find new restaurants in large cities like Málaga, where Kaleja has made it to the Michelin Guide; or in smaller towns, like Padrón in Galicia, where O’Pazo has been awarded. These are the other names on the list:

  • Adeje – San-Hô
  • Albacete – Ababol
  • Burgos – Cobo Evolución
  • Cádiz – Código de Barra
  • Casas-Ibáñez – Oba
  • Es Canar – Etxeko Ibiza
  • Illescas – Ancestral
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Tabaiba
  • Logroño – Ajonegro
  • Loja – La Finca
  • Málaga – Kaleja
  • Murcia – AlmaMater
  • Muro – Fusión19
  • Ortiguera – Ferpel
  • Ourense – Ceibe
  • San Feliz – Monte
  • San Lorenzo de El Escorial – Montia
  • Santa Cruz de Campezo – ARREA!
  • Valladolid – Alquimia Laboratorio
  • Zaragoza – Gente Rara

Three new Spanish restaurants with two Michelin stars

A beach in Tenerife

Tenerife, a gastronomic paradise. | Shutterstock

Deessa in Madrid, Pepe Vieira in Serpe (Pontevedra) and El Rincón de Juan Carlos in Adeje (Tenerife) are three Spanish restaurants that have won a Michelin star in 2023 thanks to the quality of their food and services.

The first one lies next to the Prado Museum, and it belongs to the prestigious Ritz Hotel. According to the guide, it is “the best chance to get to know the cooking of chef Quique Dacosta and his particular understanding of culinary beauty in Spain’s capital city”.

In contrast, Pepe Vieira escapes the hustle and bustle of big cities and presents the Galician cuisine in all its glory. His restaurant does so from a little village next to Raxó, in the province of Pontevedra. The chef makes use of avant-garde elements, but always keeping close to the essence of the area. One remarkable aspect of this culinary experience is its “total sustainability”: usually, the customers first taste the starters walking through the orchard, the terrace, the kitchen…

“The restaurant of the Padrón brothers (Juan Carlos and Jonathan) is reaching new gastronomic levels from the 5th floor of the hotel Royal Hideaway Corales Beach in La Caleta, Adeje (Tenerife)”, claims the guide. El Rincón de Juan Carlos rests in the dreamlike scenery of Tenerife, and it displays the flavours of the Canary Islands, with “great technique and creativity”.

Two new Spanish restaurants with three Michelin stars

The old town of Cáceres

Cáceres: beautiful, historical and great for eating. | Shutterstock

According to the 2023 Michelin Guide, the highest award goes to two restaurants: Atrio in Cáceres and Cocina Hermanos Torres in Barcelona. We could say the latter is the winning province on this gastronomic route, considering there are many restaurants in Barcelona that have been rewarded with new stars.

“This place that has found a new use for a warehouse in the district of Les Corts will leave us speechless several times, for walking through its gates always means to enter an alternate world which transcends reality and becomes sheer magic”, they write about Cocina Hermanos Torres. The restaurant of the twins provides both dishes and tasting menus for our palate’s delight.

Toño Pérez is the chef of Atrio, a restaurant we can find right in the old town of Cáceres. The Michelin Guide defines this place as “a landmark of Spanish gastronomy every gourmet should get to know”. Its dishes are known to enhance “the traditional flavours of Extremadura, letting us enjoy with countless nuances the culinary richness of this land”.

You can read here the full list of restaurants with Michelin stars in Spain and Portugal.

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