Best areas to eat tapas in Barcelona

It’s time to enjoy some tapas in Barcelona! It is true that Barcelona isn’t one of the most popular places to enjoy tapas. While this city has recently joined this trend, many bars are already serving this alternative to more elaborated foods. Let’s go on a tour of the best areas to eat the best Spanish tapas in Barcelona. Shall we?

Tapas in Barcelona: El Born

El Born stands between Via Laietana and Barceloneta and it is a mandatory visit of every getaway to this city. It is also perfect if you are looking for a great variety of culinary offerings and establishments of diverse price ranges. The tapeo has taken over this place, where you will find restaurants of specific cuisines, like Euskal Etxea (Basque cuisine), and more generic ones where you can enjoy Mediterranean tapas, like Casa Delfín. If you prefer something more chic, the popular Café Kafka is for you.

Spanish 'tapas'.

Spanish ‘tapas’. | Shutterstock

Tapas in Barcelona: Las Ramblas

The pedestrian zone called Las Ramblas is another emblematic place that attracts plenty of tourists every day. This is why a great part of its establishments offer terrible and expensive tapas.

However, if you walk away from the most crowded street in Las Ramblas and decide to explore, you will discover bars and restaurants where both tapas and its prices are good. Taller de Tapas is probably the most renowned, since a scene of one of Woody Allen’s movies was shot here. It’s part of a restaurant chain whose installations are scattered throughout the whole Barcelona, providing customers with a menu of great variety and quality.

Spanish 'tapas' on a bar.

Spanish ‘tapas’ on a bar. | Shutterstock

Tapas in Barcelona: Gràcia

The neighborhood of Gràcia is one of the most known places to eat, probably thanks to young people who look for fast and cheap food. The high number of Asian restaurants and bars that served oily tapas made their dreams come true.

Currently, the establishments buy their goods at the Abacería Central and Libertad markets. Plenty of terraces are arranged in the local squares, where drinking a caña (‘beer’) with a tapa is now the perfect plan. This is a mandatory stop if you’re at Barcelona and want to enjoy a great culinary experience.

Spanish 'tapa' in a pan.

Spanish ‘tapa’ in a pan. | Shutterstock

Tapas in Barcelona: El Raval

This is one of the most cultural and lively areas of the city of Barcelona. International cuisine takes the lead here and includes the option of eating a tapa. El Raval offers well-known establishments, such as La Confiteria, a traditional bar that keeps its original decoration. On the other hand, Bar Kasparo is popular among locals thanks to its lovely terrace, where you can taste their tapas and dishes of the day, like their homemade croquetas.

Typical Spanish 'tapas'.

Typical Spanish ‘tapas’. | Shutterstock

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