The most original plans for Basque cuisine lovers

Basque cuisine is one of the most complete ones and we find its origins in a really eye-catching place. Combining sea and mountain, in Euskadi we have the opportunity to choose between different plans and get to know the Basque gastronomic culture. We have selected the most original plans to meet traditional Basque products, recipes and foods. If you are one of those who seek new experiences, take note!

An underwater wine cellar

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Among the most original plans to meet and taste Basque gastronomy is that of winetasting in the first underwater cellar in the world. Under 20 meters of depth, the sea gives the wines a unique freshness and you can enjoy them by the beautiful surrounding of Plentzia Bay.

Known as the Cantabrian Pearl, you have the opportunity to live this fascinating experience in San Sebastián, in Euskadi’s magnificent coast. You have two options: first a boat trip to the location of the cellar accompanied by winetasting and Basque pintxos*. Secondly, an exclusive visit in the city’s aquarium, also winetasting included, private visit and presentation of the project.

Sheperd for a day

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We’re heading towards Urkiola, Vizcaya in order to take part in the most original and also entertaining plan. Who hasn’t dreamt of being a shepherd as a child, just for a day and make their own cheese? Well, here’s a plan that lets you visit a caseríowith its own farm and cheese factory. With the shepherd’s guidance, you‘ll be able to milk and shear the sheep, If it’s the appropriate time of the year. With the fresh milk, you will make fresh or curd cheese.

You can also take part in a soap workshop made of the remaining cheese butter. At the end you can taste Queso Idiazabal, a delicious cheese with a designation of origin. If you visit the caserío in November maybe you find newborn lambs and feed them with a bottle!

*Caserío: a traditional Basque farmhouse

A visit to Valle Salado

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In Añana, Álava, we prepared you a really salty plan. Yes you ‘ve read right. We’re visiting Valle Salado (Salty Valley), a salt flat as the name suggests, that leaves the visitor breathless. You can learn about the history, geological and biological singularities of this internationally recognized landscape. You will also be able to try brine, that is, salty water and know all the techniques that salt-men use for harvesting and packaging. And don’t worry there’s plenty of time to relax in Salino Spa and discover the therapeutic benefits of the brine. Later, there is a salt tasting and you will get to taste different varieties of gourmet salt.

Pintxos workshop

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In Gros neighbourhood, in Donostia we find Ni Neu restaurant, a worth mentioning reference of vanguard cuisine. The pitxos cooking class takes place in a special location, between sea and mountain and is a promising eating plan that will also provide you with useful culinary knowledge. You will begin with a visit to Mercado de la Bretxa, a famous food market situated in the old quarter of Donostia. When you get there, the chef will show you some of the local and season´s products: vegetables, seafood, fruits, cheese and mushrooms. Then you return to the restaurant to roll the sleeves and learn to prepare 4 vanguard pintxos. At the end, all participants can taste their creations and enjoy a meal in the restaurant.

Traditional bread

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In Ordizia, Gipuzkoa, a traditional bread workshop is organized. Talo, is the typical Basque bread elaborated with corn flour and was mainly consumed in caseríos until the 16th century while nowadays people eat it in special occasions. To accompany the bread, you will be offered chocolate and txistorra, a fast-cured sausage, in order to taste talo in both its sweet and salty version. And what about a drink? During the event you can try a traditional handcrafted cider from a local cider bar and kids can drink grape. The most original and entertaining family plan in Euskadi!

Guindilla peppers of Ibarra

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Known as Ibarra’s prawns, that delicacy holds a special place in Euskadi people´s hearts. Guindilla peppers of Ibarra are popular for their quality, flavour and texture. Together with a small guindilla pepper producer you will have the opportunity to live a fantastic experience. You will discover its history and singularities of pickled guindilla, and you will get to know some interesting facts about the municipality it´s named after. You will be able to watch its cultivation, the elaboration of pickling and taste diffrerent guindilla processings like pickled and fresh, fried, with jamón or gildas, typical small Basque pintxos. Of course, a drink couldn´t be missing; you can choose between txakoli, cider or wine.

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