The best terraces in Spain to enjoy the weather

Sun is out and terraces are back in action! Spaniards love hanging out outdoors, so it’s natural that our streets get filled up with tables and parasols when the heat hits. Big cities as Madrid or Barcelona have excellent terraces, but choosing one is hard anyway. These are some of the best terraces in Spain to snack or drink when the evening comes.

Seville: a drink facing Torre del Oro

Mejores terrazas de España: Puerto de Cuba (Sevilla)
Photo: ABC Seville

The Andalusian capital city has an undeniable charming beauty, but it’s also a very hot environment when summer comes. That’s why Puerto de Cuba‘s terrace is a success every year in Seville. Sit beside the Guadalquivir and have a gin-tonic or a mojito while looking at Triana and the majestic Torre del Oro. Stunning!

Ibiza: relax in the countryside

Mejores terrazas de España: La Paloma (Ibiza)

If you want to relax, you will definitely enjoy the terrace in La Paloma (Ibiza). This countryside restaurant offers fresh Mediterranean cuisine served in the outdoors. Wishing to escape the party-goers and loud sounds? Search no more.

Santander: summery dinner among roses

Mejores terrazas de España: Deluz (Santander)

One of the best terraces in Spain is located in Deluz restaurant, on the outskirts of Santander. This mansion from the 50s is lovely all around: it’s full of rose bushes, green areas, beautiful ornaments and a nice local menu. A perfect summer retreat.

Vigo: the sea is yours

Mejores terrazas de España: Room Museum (Vigo)
Photo: El Blog de Iria Pérez

Do you want to have some tapas with a nice view in Vigo? Room Museum is ideal for that. Located inside the city’s Museo do Mar, this terrace with a glass gallery allows you to sit and enjoy some impressive views of Alcabre beach. A modern restaurant at the heart of the beach.

Murcia: an orchard haven

Mejores terrazas de España: Bar Culturas (Murcia)

Ice cream, beer, drinks… Have whatever you like at the arab inspired Bar Culturas in Murcia, where you’ll be able to choose between different terraces, as this cafe holds several spaces that look like botanic gardens, as well as two beautiful bedouin tents. 2,000 square meters of one of the best terraces in Spain.

Zaragoza: a soda next to the Expo

Mejores terrazas de España: Acuario de Zaragoza
Photo: Heraldo de Aragón

Visiting Zaragoza‘s Aquarium? Then you shouldn’t miss its pleasant terrace, located at the third floor. This cozy space contains a small lake and allows you to enjoy the wonderful views to the Expo 2008 facilities. Refresh and unwind at this pretty white terrace!

San Sebastián: unwind at La Concha

Mejores terrazas de España: La Perla (San Sebastián)

Our journey ends in San Sebastián, where you’ll find La Perla, one of the best terraces in Spain. Get lost in La Concha beach while having a snack, a drink or a burger at one of its three different areas. You won’t regret it!

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