8 fascinating villages in Cantabria

Cantabria has been made to visit it from end-to-end and discover its beautiful villages. This county means nature, sea and gastronomy. Located in the Cantabrian sea, it has 102 villages. Here we have the most beautiful.

Santillana del Mar

pueblos más bonitos de Cantabria: Santillana

Santillana del Mar is known as the village of the three lies since it is not saint nor plain and it has no sea (as its name in Spanish means). Very close to the Coves and the Museum of Altamira, it has an extraordinary Historic-Artistic Site with beautiful Medieval and Baroque houses that was described by Jean Paul Sartre as the most beautiful village in Spain. Walking around this medieval village is an unforgettable experience. You should also visit the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana, the Belardes’ Palace and the Tagle’s house.


pueblos más bonitos de Cantabria: Potes

The village of Potes, on the southern side of Picos de Europa, is a region of agricultural and livestock tradition. It has become the starting point for those tourists who visit the Picos de Europa National Park. Known as “the village of the bridges and towers” also became famous due to its history and local cuisine. Buildings such as the Tower of el Infantado, the church of San Vicente, as well as its numerous bridges are the main attractions in Potes. You should not miss them.


pueblos más bonitos de Cantabria: Cartes

Flowers and mountain houses are waiting for you in this small village located near Torrelavega. The urban centre is Santiago de Cartes and it has a beautiful historic city centre. It is worth to visit the so-called Torreón de Cartes, a fortified large house crossed by the town’s main street.


Comillas has a privileged location on the western coast of the Community of Cantabria. It is a really beautiful environment with a stunning beach. It has attracted many tourists since the 19th century. They quickly decided to build stunning buildings in a Modernism style there. Of course we cannot talk about Comillas without mention the Capricho by Gaudí: a must see. The Fountain of los Tres Caños, the Palace of Sobrellano or the amazing Cemetery of San Cristóbal are also interesting places in Comillas you should visit.

Castro Urdiales

pueblos más bonitos de Cantabria: Castro Urdiales

The marine village of Castro Urdiales, on the eastern coast of Cantabria, preserves a beautiful Historic-Artistic Site. Together with its beaches, make it one of the most beautiful villages in Cantabria. In Castro Urdiales you will find the Church of Santa María de la Asunción. Considered as one of the most important Gothic churches in the north of Spain, it was recognised as national monument in 1931. It is inevitable feel the marine environment when walking through its promenade.

Bárcena Mayor

Bárcena Mayor is one of the oldest villages in Cantabria. It was founded in the 9th century. This Historic-Artistic Site preserves its typical mountain houses and the cobbled streets that give the village a medieval air. Bárcena is a small village that can be visited during the morning and then, after lunch, rise the mountain in order to enjoy the waterfall of El Pozo del Amo and the beautiful panoramic that the Balcón de la Cardosa offer us.

San Vicente de la Barquera

pueblos más bonitos de Cantabria: San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vicente de la Barquera is a stunning marine village located on the northwestern of the Cantabrian coast. This village has amazing beaches, marshes and a historic centre. Monuments such as the church of Santa María de los Ángeles, the remains of the wall, the King’s Castle and its amazing bridge are worth visiting.


pueblos más bonitos de Cantabria: Laredo

Among the most beautiful villages in Cantabria, Laredo has the biggest marina in the whole Cantabrian sea. This marine village has a stunning landscape formed by the estuary of Treto and the bay of Santoña. In addition to the Historic-Artistic Site of Puebla Vieja, there is also the huge beach of La Salvé.

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