The most beautiful train stations in Spain

Many of Spain’s train stations are true works of art. Many trains and stories have passed through their tracks. Several are now used only as tourist attractions, as the architecture and landscape in which they are set up are well worth a visit. How many of these beautiful Spanish train stations do you know?

Canfranc Train Station

Train stations in Spain. Canfranc

There are many train stations in Spain, but none like Canfranc in the province of Huesca. Inaugurated in 1928, it is a monument declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. Its magnificence is impressive, especially when the train station is framed by a winter landscape that looks like a postcard.

Located near the border with France, after the collapse of the L’Estanguet Bridge connections with the country cradle of croissant stopped. However, the architecture of the Canfranc train station contains vestiges reminiscent of 19th century French palaces. In addition, the Aragonese Way to Santiago passes through its vicinity.

Toledo Train Station

Train stations in Spain. Toledo

The Toledo train station is a monumental building in the neo-Mudejar style. With the arrival of the high-speed train it was restored in 2005, although the station actually dates back to 1919. The clock tower can be seen from a distance. This building was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1991.

Designed by the architect Narciso Clavería, the elements used in its construction were iron, stone, brick and cement. In addition, the five doors through which one enters the vestibule have a very striking ornamental richness. Here you can see a wide sample of the goldsmithing and craftsmanship of Toledo. For example, in its lattices, tile mosaics, forged lamps and lockers.

For its part, the station has a historical fence which is also considered a Site of Cultural Interest. It was built by Julio Pascual. Due to all this, it is one of the train stations in Spain that is worth visiting.

Almería Train Station

Train stations in Spain. Almeria

The old train station of Almeria was built between 1890 and 1893. Nowadays, departures and arrivals are carried out by the Almeria intermodal station, but this building, a masterpiece of iron and glass architecture, is a must see if you are in Andalusia. Its French air gives this building, with its stained glass windows, a spectacular image

The interior of the building is presided over by a clock made by the well-known manufacturer Paul Garnier. However, the station suffered the devastation of the Civil War, as a bombardment destroyed parts of the building, such as the clock and the front window, among others. Since then, various restoration works have been carried out.

Bilbao Train Station

Train stations in Spain. Bilbao

Also known as Santander station, La Concordia station is located in Bilbao. On the edge of the new Bilbao expansion area, next to the Nervión estuary, it is one of the most beautiful Modernist-style train stations in Spain. It was built in 1902, with a large rose window on its façade that attracts the attention of visitors. Inside, colourful stained glass windows mark the station. It recalls the famous and well-known Belle Époque.

As a curious fact, the name of La Concordia station recalls a remarkable event. In the place where the station is located, some pavilions used to be erected where a very numerous meeting was arranged. This meeting was successful and ended with an agreement, that is, with concord. This is how the station is popularly known.

Puebla de Sanabria Train Station

Train stations in Spain. Puebla de Sanabria

The popular architecture of Puebla de Sanabria, in Zamora, is reflected in one of the most peculiar train stations in Spain. Its slate roof stands out as one of its most original features, as does its structure made of stone ashlars. It has a beautiful fireplace. It was opened in 1958 thanks to the line that connected Madrid and Galicia.

Cartagena Train Station

Train stations in Spain. Cartagena

The Cartagena train station is located in front of the Plaza de Mexico, in the Region of Murcia. The building was built between 1903 and 1908 and its modernist style is well worth the look of the passengers who pass by there every day. The interior is decorated with ceramics. On its two facades, two cornices were made, each with its own charm. One houses a beautiful clock, the other bears the name of the city.

The building was designed by architect Emilio Antón Hernández and engineers José Moreno Rodríguez and José Cebada Ruiz. In the construction of one of the most complete train stations in Spain, some suppliers must be highlighted, such as the ceramist Daniel Zuloaga. On the main façade are the ceramic works designed and made by him.

Valencia Train Station

Train stations in Spain. Valencia

Inaugurated by the Compañía de los Caminos de Hierro del Norte de España in 1917, the so-called Northern Station is located near Valencia City Hall. Its modernist style is even more striking in a work of such monumental character. An Asset of Cultural Interest with an impressive façade.

Aranjuez Train Station

Train stations in Spain. Aranjuez

In Madrid you can find the train station of Aranjuez, of neomudejar style. It is one of the oldest train stations in Spain, opened in 1851. In the past, the products of the Arancetan orchard were taken to the capital, so it was called Strawberry Train. The decorative tiles and mosaics are some of its main attractions. Furthermore, as a curiosity, the old station was connected to the Royal Palace of Aranjuez.

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