Eating in Aranjuez

Eating in Aranjuez

Under the architectural splendor of Aranjuez we discover a rich gastronomic offer in this city south of Madrid. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2001, we can not overlook eating at the riverside town during our visit.

Crossed by the rivers Tajo and Jarama, Aranjuez is famous throughout the world for its orchards. Although its best-known crops are strawberries and asparagus, in its lands there are also a great number of buds, berries and high-grown herbs, such as coruja or purslane.

The hunting tradition that the monarchs implanted in Aranjuez has also significantly influenced the tariff diet. The faísan is the most representative bird of the forests of this part of the Tagus valley, so when eating in Aranjuez find many restaurants that offer this dish, as well as quails, partridges or the famous rabbit with garlic.

Tapear is one of the best options during our visit to Aranjuez. Almíbar is an establishment that offers great fusion cuisine that seeks to take advantage of seasonal products. Some of their wines DO Vinos de Madrid and panacota for dessert can not miss in your order.

El Pelicano is a quiet bar located just minutes from the heart of Aranjuez. Affordable prices without affecting quality will be what you will find if you choose to eat at El Pelicano. Spectacular delicious tapas and traditional sandwiches.

The excellent attention from its waiters is the hallmark of De Pikoteo, a place with a spectacular price quality, and that you can not leave without trying their fantastic tostas.

Passing the beach of the City council, we can eat in El Alto Stuart, where we will find excellent wines accompanied religiously of abundant tapas.

Dónde comer en Aranjuez
El Pelícano
Dónde comer en Aranjuez
De Pikoteo

The Restaurante Aguatinta is shown as an intimate place for both lunch and dinner. The warm treatment of the staff and the exquisite presentation of their dishes add to the welcoming atmosphere. Spectacular!

At Casa José we find an original and careful kitchen, whose dishes bear the names of the suppliers of their products. In addition, in the restaurant they cultivate some of the vegetables that are offered, giving a plus of creativity to the cuisine of this place awarded with a Michelin star.

The key to eating at Carême is undoubtedly its luxurious terrace overlooking the Palace Gardens, which combines perfectly with its elaborate cuisine and exquisite presentation. You can not stop trying its variety of fish and its tasting menu.

The Green Rana is a restaurant that stands out for the attention of the staff and its great cuisine. It offers hearty, paired dishes with unparalleled views over the Tagus. You can not stop trying the frog legs with garlic!

Dónde comer en Aranjuez
Dónde comer en Aranjuez
Casa José

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