Navigating the best beaches to escape from the busy Barcelona

You will always have something new to discover in Barcelona. Sagrada Familia, Parque Güell, Barrio Gótico, the Ramblas, Montjuïc… The list never ends. And the same name can be found in every list: Barceloneta. This endless beach is the perfect spot to relax after a long day of tourism. If you still have some time, you should get away from the busy capital of Cataluña to visit and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches of Barcelona. Some of them are only 30 minutes away and you can get there on public transport.

The most beautiful beaches near Barcelona

Playa de Las Casetas de Garraf

Las Casetas de Garraf beach.

Playa de Las Casetas de Garraf. | Shutterstock

Playa de Las Casetas de Garraf is one of the most idyllic postals around Barcelona. It’s a tiny, fine-sand beach that hides behind the hills and offers the bluest water. The row of fishermen’s houses throughout the entire beach will surely catch your attention. The 33 houses built centuries ago and painted in white and diverse tones of green seem to be part of the natural landscape. As a result, this place has been declared ‘Bien de Interés Cultural’ (‘good of cultural interest’) and it is just 30 minutes away from the city of Barcelona.

Playa Pont de Petroli in Badalona

Pont de Petroli beach in Badalona.

Playa Pont de Petroli in Badalona. | Shutterstock

The old pier of Playa Pont de Petroli dives into the sea. It is the tangible memory of a great part of Badalona’s past. It doesn’t welcome oil tankers anymore, but has turned into the home of both entertainment and scientific sea research. In addition, there is a sculpture of a monkey holding an anise liquor bottle in the first part of the pier. The reason behind it is right by its side – a liquor factory rises a few metres away and it is also a great example of Modernist architecture.

Playa de Castelldefels

Castelldefels beach.

Playa de Castelldefels. | Shutterstock

This 5 kilometres long beach is not only one of the longest beaches in Barcelona, but one of the most beautiful. You will easily park, the wind there is perfect to practise windsurfing or any type of sailing sport and you will find any amenity you need in order to spend a fantastic time. And you can get there by train in just a few minutes.

Playa de San Sebastián de Sitges

San Sebastián de Sitges beach.

Playa de San Sebastián de Sitges. | Shutterstock

If you visit Barcelona, you need to go to Sitges both for its charming atmosphere and its beaches. There are 17 wonderful beaches in this locality. San Sebastián holds a special place, maybe because it is the most recognisable beach. It is perfect for families and has been described as one of the best urban beaches in Europe. The hermitage at its side grants the name ‘San Sebastián’ to it . If you look closely at the railing surrounding it, you will find a tiny fragment of the baluster of the original Basque Concha de San Sebastián beach.

Playa del Remolar in Viladecans

Remolar beach in Viladecans.

Playa del Remolar in Viladecans. | Shutterstock

Playa del Remolar in Viladecans is one of the most beautiful beaches in Barcelona. However, it isn’t usually crowded. Although it stands near the airport, this is a zone of great ecological value right by the Delta del Llobregat natural park. Birds of different species live along the 900 metres of dunes and ponds. Every nature lover will want to discover and enjoy its singular beauty when visiting Barcelona, even despite the airborne noise.

Playa de Ocata in Masnou

Ocata beach in Masnou.

Playa de Ocata in Masnou. | Shutterstock

Every journey from Barcelona to its north must have a common stop: the Maresme coast. It houses Playa de Ocata in Masnou, the perfect place to walk or run by the sea due to its more than 2 kilometres of coastline. This quiet and fine-sand beach holds clear waters and every single amenity you can think of. Flanked by a small but fascinating promenade, it also offers a special area for naturist visitors.

Playa Ribes Roges in Villanueva y Geltrú

Ribes Roges beach in Villanueva y Geltrú.

Playa Ribes Roges in Villanueva y Geltrú. | Shutterstock

Playa Ribes Roges in Villanueva y Geltrú is one of the many urban beaches in Barcelona. Over a kilometre long of quiet and shallow waters and its barely noticeable angle of inclination, plus its fine sand, make it the perfect place to bring your little ones. The residents of this beach are strongly protected due to their singularity. The dunes at the mouth of Torrent de Sant Joan, a river which dies here, are home to a tiny endangered bird, the Kentish plover.

Cala Morisca in Sitges

Morisca cove.

Cala Morisca. | Shutterstock

Barcelona offers quiet and tranquil coves too. A beach hides in the coast of the Garraf natural park, half way between Sitges and Castelldefels. Time stops and silence fills this beach. Surrounded by cliffs and a typical Mediterranean forest, Cala Morisca is one of the best corners in Barcelona for naturist lovers.

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