The house with the legend of Sant Jordi on its facade

The legend of Sant Jordi can be found in this house. On 23 April, Casa Batlló in Barcelona looks more beautiful than ever, with its balconies full of red roses. The building and Sant Jordi are together on this day, the day of the book and the patron saint of Catalonia. The quintessential representative of Catalan modernism, Gaudí, built this emblematic building on Paseo de Gracia as a representation of the legend that created this festivity. Throughout the building, the different protagonists of the story can be seen in detail: the dragon, the princess, the sword and Sant Jordi.

Gaudí’s tribute

Each of these details can be seen in Paseo de Gracia no. 43 in Barcelona. At the top of the building is the main character of the story: the dragon. The roof full of brightly coloured tiles simulates the scales on the animal’s back. Nearby is a tall tower protruding from the roof, topped by a four-armed cross. It is located at the top next to the dragon’s motionless body because it is the sword with which Sant Jordi killed the beast.

Casa Batlló

Roof representing the dragon, Sant Jordi’s sword and the balcony of the princess in Casa Batlló. | Shutterstock

The princess also has her place in this majestic work by Gaudí. Below the roof there is a lonely central balcony. This balcony is the princess’s balcony. And it is not the only one, the building is full of them. The balconies in the middle and lower part of the structure represent the eyes of a skull and bones. A symbol of death, after the defeat of the dragon at the hands of Sant Jordi to save the princess. Inside you can see the skeleton of the animal and even its tail.

Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló balconies representing death and bones. | Shutterstock

A beautiful and historic place that commemorates one of the most emblematic and important festivities in the Catalan Community. Every Sant Jordi the streets are filled with flowers, specifically red roses, to celebrate the day of the book and the patron saint of the community. Following the tradition, on 23 April a book and a rose are given and received, although every day of the year, the legend of Sant Jordi of Catalonia is remembered and can be enjoyed by visiting Casa Batlló.

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