Private beaches in the natural parks of Catalonia

Among the beauty of the Natural Parks of Catalonia hide magnificent beaches that we present below. A very good way to be in contact with nature.

Playa de la Marquesa

At the northern end of the Ebro Delta Natural Park at the Punta del Fangar, there is a beautiful and emblematic lighthouse marking the beginning of the Marquesa beach. This beach in particular is one of the most extensive in Catalonia, extending to about five kilometers of a sandy coastline. Another great attraction of this peninsula is the great quantity and variety of birds that call it their home. The best place to bird watch is the area of Amposta, between April 1 and August 15.

Playa del Serrallo

In the easternmost part of the Ebro Delta Natural Park, near the island of Buda, is the Serrallo beach. It is more than three kilometers of sand and is frequented mainly by nudists. The nearest important city is Amposta.

Playa de Migjorn

For those who are not interested in stripping down all the way, a little north of the Serrallo beach you will find the beach of Migjorn. Located on the edge of the island of Buda, the beach has almost three kilometers of sand. There are hotel accommodations, however no public lifeguard services. Like the previous area, it is also an excellent area for bird watching.

Playa de El Prat de Llobregat

Bordering the Barcelona airport is the exquisite and ignored protected delta of the Llobregat river. Only downside, the consequent inconvenience of the noise caused by airplane traffic. This natural park has an excellent beach of more than five kilometers in length. Most commonly, it is frequented by people coming from nearby cities like Barcelona, who come to observe birds, practice windsurfing and other water sports.

Playa de la Gola del Ter o La Fonollera

One of the best known and most picturesque beaches of the Costa Brava is the Gola del Ter beach, also known as Playa de la Fonollera. Located inside the Natural Park are the Medas Islands, the Montgrí, and the Baix (River) Ter. It is a large sandbank of about five kilometers long, close to the wetlands at the mouth of the Baix Ter. From there you can see spectacular views of the Medas Islands. Most of the beach goers come from the historic town of Torroella del Montgrí.

Playa de la Cala de Ferriol

The Ferriol cove is one of the deepest and most spectacular of the Costa Brava. Located in the Montgrí section of the aforementioned park, the area includes the Bajo Ter of the beach of La Gola. To get to the cove you most travel by small boat. At the end of the cove is a tiny secluded beach of only fifty meters long. Since most of the beach is small stones, it is advisable to have adequate footwear and even have a mat to place under the beach towel. The nearest town is Torroella de Montgrí.

Playa de Cala Montjoiv

Very close to the French border on the Costa Brava, the Natural Park of the Cap de Creus is an area you just can’t compare to anyplace else. The beach is just a little more than 300 meters in length and consists of small stones and black sand. It is next to a diving school, so it is frequented by divers who submerge to explore the areas of nearby rocks. Beach goers usually come from the town of Roses, Cadaqués, and Figueres.

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