The most peculiar parks in Spain

When we are planning our holidays, we should not only focus on beaches and mountains: it is also important to include those places that define each destination one way or another. This often implies visiting beautiful, particular parks that bring a speck of life to the city, intimate spots that are usually not too crowded and yet have many great things to offer. These lines highlight these lovely, hidden places: the most peculiar parks in Spain to visit on our next trips.

9 peculiar parks in Spain

The Pasatiempo Park (A Coruña)

A park with sculptures and a pond

The Pasatiempo Park in Betanzos. | Shutterstock

If we are on a trip through Betanzos, we just cannot miss one of the most peculiar parks in Galicia: the Pasatiempo Park. There one can visit a wall covered in clocks marking different time zones from all over the world, an abandoned replica of the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, and many other interesting corners. In case you like photography, this place is just perfect for getting creative. A fun fact that might surprise you: this park encompasses more than 90000 square metres.

Parc de Francesc Macià (Barcelona)

The gate to a park in the shape of an orange castle

The park of Francesc Macià. | Shutterstock

Imagine feeling so small that everything around you could easily crush you. Well, this is exactly what one feels while visiting the park of Francesc Macià in Barcelona. In fact, this peculiar park hosts giant statues: shoes, mushrooms, books, gingerbread houses… Besides, the park of Francesc Macià is perfect for sports lovers, since it provides a nice outdoor space which can welcome up to 100000 people and also has skateparks, interactive areas and many spots for enjoying free time and culture.

Parque del Cine (Málaga)

Parque del Cine is a nice place to visit in Málaga. Just as its name suggests, this park is dedicated to cinema and it was designed to ensure both kids and adults can enjoy spending time in it. Whereas children will have fun playing around its most unusual spots, adults can walk leisurely and catch all the classic cinema references.

Mudejar theme park (Valladolid)

A miniature replica of a stone church in a park

Mudejar theme park in Valladolid. | Shutterstock

The Mudejar theme park is definitely a must-see in the province of Valladolid, especially if we find ourselves near Olmedo. This peculiar park is the dream of anyone who loves history, since it displays replicas of the most important Mudejar monuments of Castille and León. Likewise, it is perfect for those travelling with kids and family, particularly because said miniature reproductions allow visitors to enter them. All in all, the Mudejar theme park provides an interesting scenery for enjoying a walk outdoors while learning history and architecture.

The Village of the Grobits (Pontevedra)

Did you ever want to live in the fictional universe of The Lord of the Rings? We might not be able to sleep there, but Pontevedra hosts one of the most peculiar parks in Spain: the Village of the Grobits. This place blends the landscapes and characters of the Tolkien universe with Galician mythology. What combination could possibly beat that? There are replicas of the houses of the Shire, inhabited by hobbits, apart from swings and tables to spend the loveliest day one can ever imagine.

Parque Europa (Madrid)

A park with a river, a sculpture and a bridge crossing a river

Parque Europa in Torrejón de Ardoz. | Shutterstock

Another must-see in Madrid: Parque Europa, or “Park of Europe”, a place displaying seventeen replicas of famous European monuments. Besides, this park hides a priceless secret that no history lover would want to miss: original fragments of the Berlin Wall. This is a good option for spending quality time with one’s family and learning about the history of Europe. Apart from that, the visitor will find a series of nice gardens that beautifully bloom in spring.

El Barranco Perdido (La Rioja)

El Barranco Perdido is one of the most peculiar parks in Spain due to the different activities it offers. First of all, it defines itself as a “paleo-adventure park”, meaning its facilities combine adventure activities with palaeontology. During the visit, anyone can become a fossil explorer and learn about the dinosaurs that inhabited this area a long, long time ago. Besides all that, there are pools, a climbing wall and different areas to rest among trees.

Cactualdea (Gran Canaria)

A cactus garden

The park of Cactualdea in Gran Canaria. | Shutterstock

Would you want to visit the largest cactus garden in Europe? If so, you might be interested in visiting Cactualdea in Gran Canaria, a park displaying more than a thousand different cactus species. It is perfect for learning more about this plant, and getting to understand its health benefits. This cactus garden is also perfect for visiting with kids, since they have guided tours that encourage them to learn.

Río Loco (Burgos)

We are now about to reach the last stop of this trip through the most peculiar parks in Spain. To that end, we will have to travel to Burgos, where we will find the park of Río Loco. This recreational area has a Wild West theme, and it offers countless fun activities, like duels or canoeing. Considering they host many group activities, this is the perfect plan for kids.

A last suggestion before visiting the most peculiar parks in Spain: always check the opening hours to avoid unpleasant surprises. Poor planning could ruin our trip!

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