Mallorcan rubiols with cottage cheese and lemon

Mallorcan rubiols are similar to other typical recipes of the peninsula, such as the sweet pasties from Extremadura or even the bartolillos from Madrid. The main characteristic of this Mallorcan recipe, however, is the inside. An aromatic sweet with a filling based on cottage cheese and lemon, very pleasant and delicate. On the other hand, they are baked, just like their cousins from Extremadura, which allows you to enjoy this traditional dessert without so many regrets.

These Mallorcan rubiols are typical of Easter and of the great festivals of each of the localities of the archipelago. In Mallorca, the most traditional ones are the sweet ones, filled with angel’s hair or brossat, made with cottage cheese. In Menorca, meanwhile, they are filled with fish, sofrito or meat with pine nuts. A very versatile recipe that can be adapted to suit everyone’s tastes. A somewhat delicate but simple recipe.

Mallorcan rubiols

Mallorcan rubiols. | Shutterstock

Ingredients for the rubiols:

Ingredients for the dough:

  • 500 g of pastry flour
  • 80 g of sugar
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 250 g of extra virgin olive oil
  • 100 g of orange juice
  • 100 g of water
  • 50 g of butter at room temperature
  • The zest of half a lemon

Ingredients for the filling:

  • 500 g of cottage cheese
  • 120 g of sugar
  • Grated zest of half a lemon
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon

Hot to make the rubiols:

  1. In a bowl, add all the ingredients for the dough, starting with the flour, sugar, butter at room temperature, olive oil and lemon, followed by the juice and water. Stir very well and, once the dough is formed, transfer it to the work surface to knead it for 15 minutes. This is a non-sticky dough to which no extra flour should be added.
  2. While the dough is resting for at least 45 minutes, add the cottage cheese, lemon zest, sugar, egg yolk and a pinch of cinnamon to a bowl. Mash well with a fork until everything is well integrated.
  3. Divide the dough into 12 equal portions and roll each one out with a rolling pin. Place 1 teaspoon of filling in the centre and close the rubiol with a fork, as for traditional tuna pasties.
  4. Bake them on a baking sheet with baking paper at 180ºC for at least 30 minutes, or until the rubiols are golden brown. Remove from the oven and leave to cool on a tray. Before they are completely cool, sprinkle generously with icing sugar on top. They are perfect for an after-dinner coffee.

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