Discovering Barcelona through Gaudí’s flamboyant architecture

Nobody can deny that Barcelona’s Modernist architecture draws the attention of many visitors, especially those buildings by designed by Gaudí. He was a genius who revolutionized the way constructions were made: he introduced new decoration techniques and amazing architectural products -some of them can even considered to be ground breaking today. He found his main sponsors in Barcelona: rich entrepeneurs and bourgeoisie for whom he built houses and palaces in the city and its surroundings. This is why there are 14 works in Barcelona by Gaudí. Today we bring you a selection of those you cannot miss if you travel to this city. Get ready for Barcelona and Gaudí.

Gaudí’s Modernist Barcelona

Güell Palace

Eusebi Güell, who eventually turned to be Gaudí’s most important sponsor, ordered the architect to design this beautiful palace, which belongs to the Orientalist period of the artist. It has numerous Mudejar elements, endings, coffered ceilings, and parabolic arches. The façade, built with calcareous stone, is huge but nothing if we are to compare it with the rooms and libraries inside.

Palacio Güell: La Barcelona de Gaudí
Palacio Güell

Batlló House

Gaudí was ordered to remodel this building situated in the Gracia Walk, which had been previously purchased by Josep Batlló. In spite of the fact that it is just a remodeling, we can actually appreciate Gaudí’s imaginative potential, who was in his golden period at that time (his Naturalist period in the first decade of the 20th century). The façade has a wavy shape and it is covered by sandstone and colored glass. The cover of the roof has a dragon-like shape in reference to San Jorge and the balconies recall a bone shape, since all the construction is made up of harmonious curve lines and some other nature-like figures. Unfortunately, the original furniture is not preserved, which was also designed with a Modernist style.

Casa Batlló: La barcelona de Gaudí
Casa Batlló

Milà House

This house, which was already called pedrera (‘quarry’) derogatorily, is one of the most visited places in Barcelona today: more than 1 million people visit this place every year. This building belongs to the Naturalist period of the architect, who ended it in 1912. This house’s façade does not have a structural function, and thus, imagination was the leitmotiv: he built it with limestone and shaped it into curves that produce a shadow play depending on the time of the day. The abstract shape of the forges recall a blending of seaweeds. But the best is inside: an amazing decoration that we are sure will charm you.

Casa Milà: La Barcelona de Gaudí
Casa Milá

Güell Park

Another assignment he got involved with, ordered by his friend and sponsor Eusebi Güell, was building a big urbanization. However, the project failed and it was eventually turned into a public park in 1926. The outcome is a mind-blowing park full of the political, religious, and mythological symbolism Gaudí and his friend had. If there is something that strikes in the park, it is the plentiful use of trencadís, together with the blurry line where nature and man begin (or end).

Parque Güell: La Barcelona de Gaudí
Parque Güell

Sagrada Familia

The most visited monument in Spain is, of course, part of our tour. The Catalonian architect worked for more than 40 years in this work which he started in 1882 -and it is still unfinished. It is a magnificent temple: a basilica of 18 towers whose shape was improvised as it was being built. Therefore, Gaudí incorporated elements from other productions he was working on throughout his career. The outcome is this basilica which flashes lights and colours, beauty and spirituality -the symbol of this gorgeous city.

La Sagrada Familia: La Barcelona de Gaudí
La Sagrada Familia

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