The longest seaside promenade in the world

There is nothing like walking by the sea, near the beach, and hearing the sound of the waves. Seaside towns and villages have transformed their coastlines into promenades to enjoy these experiences. They are usually the top destination for summery morning walks. If you love long walks by the sea, you will love this promenadenot only is it the longest seaside promenade in Spain or Europe, but in the whole world.

Islas Canarias have the longest seaside promenade in the world

Map of the longest longest seaside promenade in the world.

The longest longest seaside promenade in the world. | Google Maps

Until the year 2016, the longest seaside promenade in continental Europe was in A Coruña, a walk of more than 13 kilometres by the Atlantic Ocean. Although it never intended to compete against any other promenade, Lanzarote decided to unite the diverse promenades of its eastern coast. The ending result is wonderful, not only because of its magnitude but also because of the attractiveness of the coast it expands throughout, located on an island that is itself a natural monument.

Nowadays, after connecting two fragments in Arrecife and adding another portion in the area of Las Caletas, Lanzarotes promenade reaches a spectacular length of 26.63 kilometres. It almost doubles the length of the one in A Coruña and its other European competitors. The island of Lanzarote has always been known for its respect for its natural environment, and this promenade isnt an exception. Under this concern, you will find interesting bicycle lanes to explore the coast, as well as driveways to the César Manrique airport.

Route on Lanzarotes seaside promenade

To Costa Teguises white sandy beaches

The world's longest seaside promenade runs through Arrecife.

The world’s longest seaside promenade runs through Arrecife. | Shutterstock

The islands capital, Arrecife, lies in the heart of this promenade. Lets see what we find if we head to the northeastern corner of this path. The capital itself holds 4 kilometres of this promenade and offers a lovely harbour with a magnificent view of its anchored boats. Of course, it is also the main service centre on the island, but there are many attractions here. Some of them are Playa del Reducto, with its enchanting sunsets, and the San Gabriel castle, a sixteenth-century stone fortress whose cannons seem to be on their guard in case pirates land there.

San Gabriel castle.

San Gabriel castle. | Shutterstock

Heading to the northeast, the promenade surrounds the tiny industrial area of Punta de los Vientos. Many trees have been planted to reduce the aesthetic impact of this area, which has improved greatly. You will meet the white, fine sand of Las Caletas now, but it’s also a good idea to cycle through this track and enjoy the clean horizons that hide a few surprises, such as El Telamón. This 136-metre-long cargo ship has been stranded near the Ensenada de los Mármoles beach for decades and attracts many tourists thanks to its ghost ship appearance.

At this end of the promenade, scattered with parks and restaurants, you will find the popular holiday destination of Costa Teguise, that expands throughout 8 kilometres of this path. It’s famous for its beaches, like Bastián, El Jablillo or Las Cucharas, and it is cherished by active tourism and water-sports lovers. Walking near the palms and the line of tiny white houses is an experience thousands of visitors get to live here every year.

From Arrecife to Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen can be the starting or ending point of the world's longest seaside promenade.

Puerto del Carmen can be the starting or ending point of the world’s longest seaside promenade. | Shutterstock

If you head to the southwest from the capital, you will soon find one of the singular destinations of this path: Salinas de La Bufona. This place will make you understand Arrecife‘s old role in fish production and conservation. Nowadays, it is the perfect place to walk or practise sports, but it also has a unique charm, especially during the evening thanks to its sunsets. Near this place, you will find two wild beaches, the Cable and Concha beaches, coloured by the vegetation that splatters its greens throughout both beaches. Its surroundings offer a peace that can only be found away from the city.

Its time to leave behind these small beaches to get to large extensions of sand in Playa Honda, whose lifeguard tower allows you to take the most breathtaking pictures of the sunset, or in Playa de Matagorda, whose golden sands disappear into an uninhabited setting. Matagorda belongs to the Tías municipality and lies near Lanzarotes airport, but the sound of the planes surprisingly fits the ancestral environment. Guasimeta is another beach that expands almost in parallel to the airport runway. Here you can enjoy more of the island’s magic, with a few black rocks scattered throughout the sand and the atmospheric mountains in the distance. It is worth stopping to walk for a moment and visiting Mirador del Acercamiento. Lanzarotes unique horizon will surely delight you.

On your way back to civilisation through this promenade, you will find more beaches, such as Pocillos and Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen, the last stop of this unmatched route. Puerto del Carmen has become a mecca for surfers, divers, and every water sports lover, thanks to the nice breeze that usually flows in the air. Besides, Varadero, the harbour in its old town, offers a lovely postcard of fishermens boats. Now that you are here, you should taste the excellent seafood of this island in the surrounding restaurants. If, on the other hand, this is the starting point of your route on Lanzarotes seaside promenade, just remember that you still have more than 26 kilometres ahead to enjoy with your five senses.

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