48h in Tarancón and surroundings

The Noble City of Tarancón is only 84 kilometres far from the beautiful city of Cuenca and it borders on Toledo and the western area of the Alcarria. You should visit the historic city centre, as well as try the plans that the environment offers you.

Although it might be unknown for many of us, Tarancón is a city with a huge and important history. You will discover it while walking around its most emblematic monuments.

To go back 500 years in time, nothing better than to get into its medieval quarter. There, the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción catches all the attention. It is also important the well preserved old wall, as well as the tower and the Arco de la Malena. This arch is not just the oldest element in the village, but the symbol of the city. Other important monuments are the Chapel of San Roque, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Franciscan’s convent, among others. This guide tour ends with the most important noble houses of the village: the Palace of the Dukes of Riansares. It is the current city council, and the exceptional Casa Parada.

48h in Tarancón and surroundingsThe charm of Tarancón, as already mentioned, is not only its historic city centre. Its environment is also one of its major attractions. Therefore, La Cervalera invite us to visit the archeological site of Segóbriga and the Monastery of Uclés. An audio guide that will explain us every curiosity of these places.

If you are one of those who love outdoor activities, there are also some plans for you. There are hiking routes such as the Caras de Buendía. If you are those who are never afraid, you can take a paragliding fight or a Kart race in DR7 circuit. Weather permitting, you will also be able to enjoy a picnic.

And since talking about gastronomy, it is recommended to enjoy the local products of this land. To get started, there is nothing better than visiting Almara and try the delicious oils. If you’d rather try Manchego cheeses the best option will be a visit to the Morales cheese shop. After an unforgettable aperitif, comes the main course with the traditional creations of chef Domingo Sánchez in La Cervalera restaurant. An introduction to haute cuisine and the traditional flavours of the land through homemade dishes such as cod with garlic and honey or beans with partridge. Finally, those who have a sweet tooth will see their whims satisfied with an irresistible tasting of chocolates with wine. Do I hear more?

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