Natural Space of La Yecla y los Sabinares del Arlanza

La Yecla and Sabinares de ArlanzaLa Yecla gorge is one of the most attractive natural landscapes in the province of Burgos.

It covers an area of 26,055 hectares and includes the Valle Medio del Arlanza, Peñas de Cervera, Cañón de Matavicias, Meseta de Carazo, Monte Gayubar and Sierra de las Mamblas. These natural areas together shape the Natural Space of La Yecla y los Sabinares del Arlanza.

La Yecla is a deep granite gorge located in Peñas de Cervera. Its route that is nearly 600m long can be easily done thanks to a series of  bridges and artificial footbridges that fly over the Cauce stream, a tributary of the Mataviejas river.

La Yecla is a rough passage. It is so narrow that sometimes its walls meet and the rays of the sun cannot penetrate to the bottom. The site is a small ecosystem of great landscape power located in the middle of a privileged natural environment.

There are also other woodland areas around, i.e. the Sabinar de Arlanza, considered by many the most extended and best-preserved Spanish juniper woodland in Spain.

Vegetation and fauna

In addition to the Spanish junipers, the whole area has dense vegetation made up of species such as the holm oak, pine tree, gall-oak and juniper. 

The most common mammals in the area are the roe deer, wild boar, wild cat and otter.  On the other side, the most common birds are the golden eagle, the short-toed eagle, the booted eagle, the Bonelli’s eagle, the peregrine falcon and the Egyptian vulture. Griffon vultures can also be seen in the area.

La Yecla and Sabinares de Arlanza

La Yecla and Sabinares de Arlanza | Turismo Sabinares de Arlanza

How to get there

La Yecla gorge is located halfway between the villages of Hinojar de Cervera and Santo Domingo de Silos, about 5 kilometres far away from the latter which, due to its proximity, is the main starting point for visitors to the site.

From Burgos you can get there by the E-5 or the A-1 road, taking the BU-900 at Lerma. The road N-234, which connects the capital of the province with Soria, also passes close to the place and connects with it through the BU-903. Covarrubias or Salas de los Infantes are also close to La Yecla.

Some recommendations of where to eat and stay in the surroundings of La Yecla:

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In Santo Domingo de Silos

Asador Casa Emeterio restaurant

Mesón Casa de Guzmán restaurant

In Covarrubias

De Galo restaurant

Casa Galín restaurant

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In Santo Domingo de Silos

Santo Domingo de Silos hotel

Silos 2000 hotel

In Covarrubias

Rey Chisdasvinto hotel

Nuevo Arlanza hotel

Covarrubias camping

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Horseback riding Caballos del Arlanza (Covarrubias)

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Turist Office of Santo Domingo de Silos. Pza. Mayor, 1. Santo Domingo de Silos. Burgos. Spain. Phone: 947 390 070. Coordinates GPS 41º 57′ 44.86″ N – 3º 25′ 8.12″ W)

Turist Office of Covarrubias. Calle Monseñor Arlanza, s/n. Covarrubias. Burgos. Spain. Phone: 947 406 461. Coordinates GPS 42º 3′ 33.12″ N – 3º 31′ 13.21″ W)

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