“Mystic and fighter”

Soria is beautiful and not so full of tourists. It is so gorgeous that it was praised by the famous writers Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Miguel de Unamuno, Gerardo Diego and Antonio Machado (who called it “mystyc and fighter”). Ven a España !!! Visit Spain !!!

Do you want to visit this place?

Things to do in Soria normally involve several churches such as San Pedro Cathedral, Santo Domingo Church, and San Juan del Duero Monastery. However you can also practice active tourism and visit natural parks such as La Fuentona and Sabinar de Calatañazor,  Laguna Negra and los Círcos Glaciares de Urbión. You can visit too some localities nearby such as GarrayBurgo de Osma and Almazán.

Our tour starts in Alamada Cervantes, an interesting promenade worth a walk. Now we stop at the Numantino Museum, set up by king Alfonso XIII, which holds pieces from the Paleolithic period to nowadays. Facing this construction we find Soledad Chapel. In fact, churches are a thing in Soria: San Juan de Rabanera Church (12th century), Nuestra Señora de Espino church (14th century, it was used as the headquarters of French troops, and it is next to a medieval castle), San Pedro Cathedral (12th century and remodeled in the 16th century, with an interesting plateresque façade and housing numerous retablos and a Tiziano’s painting, together with a beautiful cloister), San Polo Monastery(18th century, where the famous writer Bequer located some of his legends) and San Saturio Chapel (patron saint of the city).

Plaza Mayor is also worth a visit since it is the nerve point of the old town of Soria. Here we find the City Hall and the old Court from the 18th century which houses the Cultural Center of the city. San Clemente Plaza is a good area to hang out and go to bars; the place stands out because of the Ríos and Salcedo Palace (16th century) with a plateresque façade. If we head for the north we will reach the High School where the famous poet Antonio Machado taught.

Soria’s City Hall

Finally, you might want to visit the Condes de Gomara Palace (16th century), Renaissance in style. Via Carmen street one can head for Real Street, a typical street from the middle ages. At the other side of the river, there is a center that houses the Water Museum.


Practical data


41° 26′ 0″ N, 2° 28′ 0″ W


Valladolid 209 km, Burgos 144 km, Madrid 227 km

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