Original Fillings for the Roscón de Reyes

This year we got creative with the Roscón de Reyes! We know the classic flavors of cream and truffle (great, of course) but what if we go beyond that? The Roscón de Reyes is the perfect excuse to demonstrate our culinary skills and give our loved ones a pleasant surprise. With these fillings, we give the roscón de Reyes that sweet final touch that we like so much. We recommend that you use a pastry bag for the filling. Do you dare to try these innovative fillings?

Roscón de Reyes filled with turrón

  • Soft turrón (100 g), sugar, whipping cream (200 ml), non-flavored gelatin (3 sheets), egg white (1)

You can use the soft turrón that you like: jijona, truffle, coconut, yolk… Mix the turrón with the liquid cream (50 ml) in a container. In another bowl, whip the cream (100 ml) with a spoonful of sugar. Mix both together. Heat the remaining cream and dissolve the gelatine in it. Add this and the whipped egg white to the cream. Stir gently.

Roscón de Reyes filled with Nutella

  • Nutella (400 g), whipping cream (120 ml)

With this simple filling you will win over the hearts of the little ones. In a bowl, mix the Nutella and whipping cream. Cover and let it rest in the fridge (at least 4 hours). When you want to fill the roscón de Reyes, take out the bowl and beat the mixture until it is whipped. It has to be creamy.

Roscón de Reyes filled with mocha cream

  • Egg yolk (3), sugar (125 g), butter (200 g), instant coffee (1 spoonful)

If you are a coffee lover, this filling for the Roscón de Reyes will be your favourite. Whisk the butter and sugar in a bowl until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Add the coffee and the egg yolks. Then repeat the process. You can also take a teaspoon of cognac to give it a delightlful and surprising touch.

Roscón de Reyes filled with cream cheese

  • Mascarpone cheese (200 g), extra-fat fresh cheese (200 g), icing sugar (200 g)

An original roscón de Reyes with a lot of character. To prepare this cheesy filling, mix all the ingredients together well. Put the cream into a pastry sleeve and spread it on the roscón. Delicious!

Roscón de Reyes filled with orange cream

  • Butter (250 g), powdered sugar (400 g), orange juice (4 tablespoons)

The orange is a seasonal fruit that will give your Roscón de Reyes the perfect citrus flavor. Whisk the soft butter together with the sugar and orange juice until a lump-free mixture is obtained. If you need more flavor, add more orange juice. Leave in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Roscón de Reyes filled with marzipan cream

  • Liquid Cream (500 ml), stabilizer for whipping cream (2 sachets), raw marzipan dough (100 g), mascarpone cheese (100 g)

An easy-to-prepare filling that will give your Roscón the ultimate Christmas flavor. Mix the cream with the thickener. In another bowl, mash the marzipan with the mascarpone cheese. Add the cream and mix. It’s time to fill your Roscón!

Roscón de Reyes filled with coconut cream

  • Shredded coconut (150 g), extra-fat fresh cheese (300 g), icing sugar (200 g), butter (150 g)

For this filling, the butter should be soft, so we recommend taking it out of the refrigerator beforehand. Grind the shredded coconut. Mix the coconut with the rest of the ingredients so that there is a homogeneous cream. It’s that easy!

Roscón de Reyes filled with chocolate cream and rum

  • Dark Chocolate (200 g), rum (4 tablespoons), vanilla sugar (3 packets), butter (400 g)

And now one filling for the older ones! Melt the dark chocolate in the bain-marie along with the sugar and the rum. Leave to cool slightly. Beat the butter (at room temperature) until it is creamy. Add the liquid chocolate and keep on beating until you get a light and uniform consistency.

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