Eating in Fuente De

Eating in Fuente De

Fuente De is a small Spanish village that belongs to the municipality of Camaleño, in the Cantabrian region of Liebana. With a surprisingly small space, this place has a lot of gastronomic offers. Eating in Fuente De is enjoying the meat in different recipes. The desserts are amazing. Let’s go eat in Fuente De and meet its bars and restaurants.

The traditional gastronomy of Fuente De is based in the traditions of the Liebana region. Here, the artisan products and quality ingredients are very famous. The grass around the Picos de Europa are used to feed cattle that is the source of the great meat the traditional cuisine uses – such as cow, lamb, and kid. The artisan embutidos (sausages), pork and hunt meat hones, are alsovery popular.

The waters of the Deva river are a continuous source of trout, which is the main fish of the region. On the other hand, eating in Fuente De is a synonym of traditional dishes, such as the classic cocido lebaniego, the roasted lechazo and the famous local cheese. Between the last ones, the better ones are the picón de Teviso, smoked from Áliva and the one from Pido.

Regarding the desserts, this region offers all kinds od artisan sweets made with local products, such as milk and honey. To finish, you should try the mountain tea and the orujo, made in the region.

cocido lebaniego comer fuente de
dulces fuente de

In Mogrovejo (3km away) you will find the bar Mogrovejo. This is the only bar in the whole village and they serve great cheese platters.

In the restaurant of the Hostal Remoña in Espinama (less than 4km away) you can share an artichokes with ham portions. A nice place.

comer fuente de bar mogrovejo
Bar Mogrovejo
comer fuente de Restaurante hostal remona
Restaurante Hostal Remoña

When eating in Fuente de, we find a traditional offer with restaurants such as Marmitia, located in the Parador de Fuente De. Its menu is composed by all kinds of local meals such as the cocido lebaniego and the cordero lechal. They also have special menus.

Close to that one, in the hotel Rebeco a classic menu is served. This is another great option of a restaurant in Fuente De.

Less than 4km away from this region there’s Espinama, a region where it is easy to find great restaurants such as Vicente Campo, a classic place that has had career and continues to make incredible food. Excellent meats and desserts. It is very well valued for our traveler’s community.

The menu of the restaurant Remoña is another attractive option where the local meats, regional specialties and homemade desserts are served. In the same region, you can also go to Máximo, which offers big dinnig rooms where you can enjoy the regional gastronomy. They also have a daily menu, cafeteria and a parking. Their cocido lebaniego is amazing.

comer fuente de Restaurante marmitia
Restaurante Marmitia
comer fuente de Restaurante Maximo
Restaurante Máximo

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