Eating in Comillas

Eating in Comillas

The Cantabrian region of the eastern coast is the home of Comillas, a perfect place to enjoy a good mariscada (seafood). The fish recipes and the seafood will be seen in the menus of any bar and restaurant in this town. You can also eat some pinchos and enjoy the local specialties. Are you coming to Comillas with us?

You will always find great fish in Comillas, an ancient sailor village. Due to its rich artistic heritage and the amazing beaches of the village and its surroundings, Comilla has become a touristic center that also offers a great gastronomy experience. The sorropotún is a typical dish from Comillas and it is eaten during the Summer. Its name comes from the neighbor village of San Vicente de la Barquera, where they decided to make their own version of the traditional bonito marmita, a maritime dish made with bonito, potato, pepper, onion and tomato.

Also typical from here: the sea urchin (raw or with cheese), the rabas de rejo (octopus), the calamari, the hake, monkfish, sea bass, mackerel and the red sea scorpion fish (they prepare a delicious pudding with it), apart from the grilled sardines and the anchovies (fried or coated). Don’t forget about the Cantabrian seafood: lobster and crab. Remember that Comillas is close to the Natural Park of Oyambre, where you will find many beautiful beaches and cliffs.

guiso comillas
plato tipico estartit
pulpo comillas

If you want to eat tapas or smaller portions, we recommend the Bar Guadalupe, the Taberna El Muelle and the Cervecería La Perla Negra – the two lasts in the paseo del Muelle.

The Bar Guadalupe will give you good vibes as soon as you walk into it. With a nice decoration, they offer tasty tapas and portions. In the Taberna del Muelle you will enjoy some good sea views while you order the a la carte portions. La Perla Negra is a maritime bar where you can eat tapas and pinchos. The calamari is delicious.

The Cafetería Campíos, in the Corro Campíos, is the traditional meeting point between tourists and locals. The portions are very generous and the local has a nice style.

comer comillas bar guadalupe
Bar Guadalupe
comer comillas perla negra
La Perla Negra

There’s a lot os places to eat in Comillas, but we will mention some of the most charming ones. The small fishing harbor is the home of the Lonja de Comillas, a beautiful place with good food. If you like fish, we suggest the anchovies and a good grilled fish. The orujo cream mousse is a dessert you have to try. Ideal to have dinner with your couple while you enjoy the sunset.

The Marisquería Adolfo is famous for their rice with cod. Our travelers’ community claims this is one of their favorite place in Comillas.

The restaurant La Rabia, close to the tidal river with the same name, is a classic place where homemade traditional food is made. It is simple, but has a nice terrace where you can enjoy a coffee or a some starters. The best part if the amazing view.

3 km away, in Ruiloba, you will find El Remedio, a restaurant located in a beautiful place where a chapel (that has the name) is found. Their cuisine is great.

comer comillas marisqueria adolfo
Marisquería Adolfo
comer comillas Restaurante Annua
Restaurante Annua

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